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With a summer full of chances for fans to get their mugs on TV by catching a towering six just around the corner, Flashback Friday relives one of the all-time great crowd catches.

You could compile New Zealand’s cricketing achievements on a napkin, but they have traditionally been regarded as one of the best fielding outfits in the world – a status enhanced by spectator Andrew McCulloch’s spectacular one-handed catch at a domestic T20 encounter in late-2014.

Barefoot and running down a slope towards the fence, McCulloch took a sliding one-handed screamer at Hamilton’s Seddon Park after Otago Volts batsman Michael Bracewell hammered a six off a Northern Knights bowler.

Aside from becoming an instant viral sensational, McCulloch also became NZ$5,000 richer thanks to a promotion the Knights were running – which explains his commitment to gloving the difficult chance.

McCulloch said he would use the cash to pay off credit card debts ticked up during an overseas trip with his partner who, incredibly, just happened to be Bracewell’s sister. Did the big-hitting Volt pick out his young bro-in-law on purpose? Either way, it was a crowd catch-of-the-century contender.

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