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Johnson's dismisses, stares down Anderson

The Australian cricket summer creeps ever closer as the footy codes start to wrap up their premiership seasons, so we’re taking a look back at some of the most memorable moments of Australia’s 2013-14 campaign.

If last summer will be remembered for any one player, it’s sure to be Mitchell Johnson. After a confidence-shattering period that saw him dropped from the national side for an extended interval, Johnson’s renaissance was extraordinary, terrorising England’s batsmen throughout Australia’s 5-0 Ashes series triumph.

Johnson took 37 wickets at the crazy average of 13.97, but it was his consistency and the relentless manner that he repeatedly restricted, intimidated and injured the strong English batting line-up, leaving them a disjointed rabble by the end of the series.


He constantly treaded the line of good sportsmanship with his sledging and intimidatory tactics … but there’s no questioning their effectiveness.


MJ picked up a series-best 7/40 in the first innings of the second Test at the Adelaide Oval, including perhaps his most memorable wicket, the dismissal of fast-bowling rival James Anderson.


After knocking over Anderson’s stumps with an unplayable peach of a delivery, an ecstatic Johnson puts his massive grin on the backburner and slows up to give the Englishman the meanest death-stare of all time. 


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