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It's time to say goodbye to Phillip Hughes

At 2:00pm today residents of Macksville, Australia and the cricketing world stopped to pay their respects to Phillip Joel Hughes.

I tuned into Channel Nine’s broadcast and it began with Shane Warne’s tribute to the much-loved 25-year-old.


Eulogies came from Phillips’ cousin Nino Ramunno, his brother and sister Jason and Megan, James Sutherland, and Australian captain Michael Clarke.


You can’t do anything but be inspired by the shear amount of bravery these individuals showed to perform such a task.

Each speech was very moving as Phillip’s family and friends gave us an insight into what it was like to be so awfully close to such an adored character.

One of my favourite parts came during Jason’s speech – how even after countless attempts to teach Phillip, he couldn’t figure out how to calculate his own average.

Nino said, “I never, ever once heard him complain once about getting dropped from the Australian team”.


Phillip’s brother was courteous throughout his tribute; “All I ever wanted was for you to look up to me as your big brother. I still can’t believe that I’m here saying my final goodbyes.


Even though you are my little brother, I can’t believe you have taught me so much.

You always had the good looks, you always had the hair, and who said you needed braces to have a smile, you never took a bad photo bro.

My promises to you, I’ll take good care of mum, dad, Megan and of course your beloved cows.

I promise to get back on the horse and play the game we both love. I’ll endeavour to become the best player I can be.

Now it’s time to say goodbye. Take care. I miss you. I’m so proud of you.

Thank you again for all the memories. I love you, now and forever, your big brother Jason.”

Megan was strong as she fought back tears while reflecting back on her brother.

“I’m standing before you today to show my love and appreciation for the big brother I’ll never forget.

He had an impact on so many lives and it shows someone that always take cares of himself still had time to worry about others.

Phillip, I’m so honoured to call you my brother, best friend and my hero.

All the memories between us will keep us together, even though you physically can’t hug your little sister in the time of need.

I will always remember and admire that you never changed and became someone different while your life and career were progressing before your years.

I’m sorry you can’t be here with us any longer, but I promise all the dreams and thoughts we had together, I’ll continue in your honour.

There won’t be a day that goes by when I won’t think of you, and I promise I’ll talk to you every day and keep your company up there.”

The gallant Michael Clarke once again proved his weight in gold.

Watch Michael’s full tribute here.

As much as many might believe that this is it, for Phillip’s family and friends, the sad truth is, it’s just beginning.


Rest in Peace legend.

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