Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 02:12 PM

Umpires’ eyes not painted on after all

The AFL has released a video depicting the normal week of an AFL umpire through their eyes, finally dispelling the myth that umpires’ eyes are indeed painted on!

The camera follows umpire Matt Stevich as he prepares for the round ahead and even has him at the beach with his shirt off (not that we needed to see that). But far more interesting is the access into the inner sanctum of the umpires’ department, proving that they leave no stone unturned and even have their own selection announcements on Monday afternoons much like the 18 teams have each and every week.

Training and camaraderie are clearly evident even within the umpires’ ranks and have access to all the technology that the AFL clubs have at their fingertips.

It may not be the same as being a professional footy player but the bells and whistles gets them pretty close. Even if some people will never appreciate what really goes into being an AFL umpire.






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