Monday 22 January 2018 / 05:41 AM

Thomas' dangerous fall quickly forgotten

Last night North Melbourne’s Lindsay Thomas was lucky not to be seriously hurt after attempting a spectacular mark.

When the incident occurred in the second quarter the medical staff immediately carted Thomas to the bench. Amazingly he was ok and returned to the pitch minutes later.

In the third quarter Thomas, who has a reputation for overacting, received a free kick for embellishing a push from Geelong’s James Kelly.

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott was disgusted and expressed his thoughts after the match.

“I wasn’t happy with that. We don’t condone it, and he has got to stop doing it,” the Kangaroos coach stated.

Because of Thomas’ acting, many seemed to quickly forget his close call one quarter earlier.

The Kangaroos went down 111-79 to Geelong.


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