Saturday 24 March 2018 / 05:45 AM

Loyal St Kilda junior gets the ultimate day

All sports fans remember the days when we were starry-eyed kids idolizing the heroes who donned the field in our favourite jersey. It doesn’t matter the sport, you know the tale. So when St. Kilda’s Jarryn Geary rocked up to Saints junior member Euan Walker’s house on game day, the young boy’s life would clearly be altered in a very good way.

The club was repaying Walker for attending all Victorian St. Kilda matches in 2014 – despite the Saints utterly frustrating season which has them placed dead last.

Walker was welcomed into the Saints fold throughout the day meeting his idols in an experience he will never forget. Perhaps the club should consider inviting Walker to all their matches – St Kilda belted Fremantle by 58 points that day.



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