Friday 19 January 2018 / 01:01 PM

Black cat ominous sign for AFL contenders

The more superstitious among Adelaide and Richmond supporters would have taken the pitch invasion by a black cat during Saturday night’s thriller as a bad omen for their respective teams’ tenuous finals chances.

Meanwhile, high-flying Geelong no doubt viewed it as another positive sign for their tilt at a fourth premiership in eight seasons, with a real-life version of their mascot creating an unusual distraction at Adelaide Oval.

Ultimately, it was the Tigers – perhaps due to sharing feline lineage with the intruder – who overcame the ominous portent to secure a vital 10-point win and claim a share of eighth spot alongside the Crows.

Animals interrupting top-level professional sport is far from a new phenomenon, however. Here are a couple of ESPN ‘Best ofs’ from recent years, including unwelcome – but hilarious – appearances by pigs, ducks, seagulls, squirrels, bears, and even a kangaroo.

WARNING: Some animals were almost certainly harmed in the filming of this footage. 


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