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You’re in luck! The end of the NBA’s regular season is upon us, and to get us completely in playoff mode, I’m giving you TWO Ball Don’t Lies this week so that next week’s edition can be completely playoff focused. That’s right, you get double content!

With the playoffs finally here, we can sort of look back on the season and marvel at how we got here, and sort of look ahead. We’ve had one of the most memorable regular seasons in NBA history, and we are looking at a potentially crazy playoffs (minus Golden State). So, let’s gear up for this last regular season Ball Don’t Lie!


Giannis Makes History

I know I’ll beat this into the ground, but Giannis is one of the most marvelous things about the NBA. This kid has been great for a while now, but to lead your team in literally every statistical category is insane. He’s his team’s best ball handler, defender, and rim protector. He has no position! Oh, and he’s finally in the playoffs with a healthy cast. So… good luck, East.

Harden v. Westbrook

Let’s not kid ourselves: the MVP debate is down to two guys. Harden and Westbrook have treated us to one of the most memorable MVP races of all time. I mean, LeBron James is having a CAREER YEAR and no one expects him to take it home. Westbrook and Harden are making history each night, and they’ve made this year so fun. Oh and the best part? They play each other in the first round starting Saturday.

Romo’s Mavs Invite

The Mavs took a lot of heat for inviting Tony Romo to come hang out for a day with the team and dress out. Something about integrity of the game and some other BS. Don’t buy that: this was awesome. Romo is actually good, and don’t think for a second that the roof wouldn’t have blown off the place if he had subbed in. More teams that are out of the race should do this: his playing that night was the highlight of a dry end to the season.

Russ Sets the Record

We all thought he’d get there, but seeing it actually fall is something else. Russ broke Oscar Robertson’s record of 41 triple doubles in a season in his monster game against Denver, where he scored 50 points and hit the game winner. Russ’ amazing feat is amplified even more by how much he’s scoring: he’s averaging over 30 points per game. Everything about his season is nuts.

Devin Booker and KAT

We talk about young talent a lot in the NBA, but you can’t talk about how good the youth of the league is without talking about Devin Booker and KAT. The two have been some of the best in the league this year, with Booker becoming the fourth youngest guard to score as many points as he has this year, and KAT being legitimately the best center in the league this year. It’s going to be a scary ten years with these guys.

Celtics’ Great Year

Lost in how crappy the Cavs are is the season that the Celtics have had. They successfully took the top overall seed, and that was after most people sold on them being a top two seed. They have turned into the league’s deepest team, and will head into the postseason with the home court advantage in the East, which could mean everything against those guys from Cleveland.


Hornets Set Wrong Record

I make it very clear that I’m a Charlotte Hornets fan. Yes, it sucks. What can I say, I’m a sucker for disappointment. But, I do a pretty good job of leaving them off this BDL post each week, but I just had to drop them in a mention here. The Hornets defense against the three has been historically bad, and why they’ll be watching from home.

Well then…

NBA Contracts…

One storyline that was hilarious to watch down the stretch that almost no one knew about was Mo Harkless’ contract. This year, if he hit 35% of his threes, he would be due a $500,000 bonus. Well, coming into the last three games of the season, he was sitting at 35%. Literally ONE missed three would have put him under 35%. So what did he do? Not attempt a single three in those last three games. Ballers ball, man.

Cavs Stink

This will be quick because I’ve done this every week for three weeks, but just in case you’re still wondering: the Cavs are still in the middle of a free fall. And they still stink.

Heat Miss Playoffs

I only have this sitting in the dislike column because everyone would rather have seen the Miami Heat and their lovable band of misfits in the postseason after the run they’ve had. They missed it by dropping a tiebreaker to the two teams ahead of them. Instead, we get the Bulls. Yay.

Expectations, Expectations

Finally, this regular season brought a bevy of teams flopping on expectations. We’ll get into this deeper in a future article (stay tuned), but we’re looking at you Pistons, Hornets, Knicks, and Timberwolves. Embrace the tank going forward, guys.


Romo With the Shot

Maybe he should have tried basketball…

Russell Wins it For Grandma

No, I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye.

Clippers Chant


Ingram Dunk

Here’s to next talent up.


He’s back.

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See y’all next week!

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