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Hello, it’s I, your former Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Now, I bring you a recap of all things NFL to get you ready for the next round by wrapping up the week that was. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

Stock Report


Titans And Jags Capitalize

The AFC South got some spice thrown into it this week with the injury to the Texans’ star rookie DeShaun Watson. With the rookie going down, it could turn murky, but the Titans made sure to make a statement and get a quiet win over the Ravens to win three in a row. Across the division, the Jaguars took a win over the Bengals in convincing fashion without Leonard Fournette. This division may end up juicy after all.

Rams Offense Sizzling

No, don’t ask me. I really can’t explain it. The Rams took the lifeless body of the Giants and threw it off a cliff Sunday. Jared Goff looks like a ten year pro, and the receiving core is really sizzling. Todd Gurley is embarrassing teams, and the Rams seriously hung 51 points on that team. Sean McVay has these guys embarrassing everyone, and taken the league’s worst offense a year ago to number one. Crazy.

NFC South Top Aims Higher

The Saints just keep winning, as we’ve talked about here. This week was a smack down of division rival Tampa Bay that will probably put them on the mat for the final count. Across the division, the Panthers and Falcons met to decide the second place team, and the Panthers took the hope right from them and blew them away in the second half. The Panthers and Saints are gearing up for a race down the stretch, and it should be great.

Cowboys Keep Pace With Eagles

The Eagles just keep winning, and that’s problematic for the rest of the NFC East. But the Cowboys are responding to the adversity as best they can. With the drama around Zeke and the Eagles running away, the Cowboys are calming winning games and staying in playoff position, largely behind Dak. Prescott has been terrific, and there’s no sign of a sophomore slump for the star QB.


Bills Fall Flat

The Bills had a real chance, man. They could have kept pace with the Patriots and just moved along against an inferior opponent. But instead, they pulled a Bills and lost an inexcusable game. I love Sean McDermott and this team, but you can’t drop that one. The offense fell apart at the end, and the Jets had their way in the second half. The Bills are still in the AFC race for the playoffs, but you can’t let those games get away.

Broncos Give Up

The Broncos are that team that you just don’t ever count out just because of who they are. But after Sunday’s performance, I think I’m out on these guys. The Broncos offense was awful, with the second QB in the carousel. But this one is on the defense, who utterly gave up in the drubbing by the Eagles. Miller and company said that they don’t have an excuse, and you’re damn right they don’t.

Chiefs Keep Sliding

The Chiefs just a few weeks ago were the talk of the NFL. Since then, they’ve jumbled down three losses and looked particularly bad in this most recent one. Their only win against the lowly Broncos is the only bright spot, with the defense giving up much more yards than their used to, with the offense becoming more one dimensional. Alex Smith has been good, but struggles scoring the red zone have them reeling, but good thing the division is bad.

Falcons Still Hungover

The Falcons were riding high way back when they were 3-0, but since then, the offense has fallen off a cliff. The Falcons are terrible on offense lately, showing that in full force by blowing a 10-point head start against the Panthers. The offense went anemic in the second half, highlighted by a drop in the endzone by Julio Jones. Everything is falling apart at the seams for these guys.

Bad Teams Switch to Fights

Boy, oh boy, did things get physical in the NFL this week. For starters, the Bucs decided to pick a fight with the Saints that had Jameis trying with the Saints Lattimore. Then across the NFC, the Arizona and the Niners decided to fight for who knows why, and then we got AJ Green swinging on Jaylen Ramsey. What a time to be alive.

Fantasy Outlook

Carlos Hyde has been a surprise fantasy beast this year, but if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you need to now. The Niners front five look to move the pace against the Giants, and it should be as easy as everyone else so far.

DeMarco Murray has seen his running attack nuertralized lately, but that’s nothing compared to what he’s got coming: that rough Bengals front. The Bengals surrender big plays a good bit, and this team is coming apart so far.

Tyrod Taylor is only a starter in a very few number of leagues. According to ESPN, it’s only 38%. That should change this week. The Saints have a solid secondary, but Taylor will have plenty of places to run with this linebacker group.

The Extra Point

Across the NFL, many QBs keep getting injured. Somehow, they keep coming up with better alternatives than Kaep.

Suh’s Crazy Sack

Deion Vs. Romo

McAdoo Has the Best Words

Jameis Winston…..

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