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Hello, it’s I, your Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Now, I bring you a weekly recap of all things NFL. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

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Carr Saves Raiders

Just this past week, we had the Raiders left for dead, with the Chiefs getting them on Sunday Night. And it looked that way, with the Raiders down by four and all the way out at the 30 yard line with time running out. But then Derek Carr found Jared Cook, and then hammered five different plays to get the Raiders into the endzone to keep the hope alive. This Raider offense is different with him at the helm, obviously, and sending the Chiefs backwards keeps them in this race.

Wentz Again

We talked about it last week, and now we have to highlight it even bigger: Carson Wentz is a star. Wentz shredded the Redskins this week, putting on a show on Monday Night Football en route to four total touchdowns and over sixty yards on the ground. He escaped pressure on two incredible plays, and now he’s among talk as some of the hottest arms in the league.

Rams End the Cards

So, it had better be Seattle to take a shot at the Rams. The Cardinals lost Palmer and got routed in the same game, and the Rams now have supplanted themselves atop the division in the NFC West. They look great, especially on the defensive side, with that pass rush absolutely mauling opposing quarterbacks. They look legit, and that’s even ignoring how great Jared Goff is playing. They might be the team to beat.

Chargers Charge Up

The Chargers were 0-4 three weeks ago, with a decent shot at a Phillip Rivers retirement and a new QB selection. But then, the Chargers got a morality win over the Giants, eeked out a win over the Raiders without Carr and then followed it this week with an upset over the Broncos. That new Chargers defense leads the NFL in sacks, and they blanked the Broncos at home. They have signs of life, and we’ll see what they’re made of up in Foxboro this weekend.


No Offense Atop NFC South

So the top of the NFC South, we’ve seen a shake up atop the standings. And it’s not why you think. The defending champions of the NFC got blasted by the Patriots again, and now fall down to third in the division. The offense is awful, with Matt Ryan regressing and Julio Jones getting absolutely no attention. But that’s nothing compared to what the Panthers put out Sunday. They’ve dropped two straight, and the Bears managed to beat the Panthers by two scores, even though the Panthers held them to 88 yards and just 4 (FOUR) completions. Unreal.

Colts Tap Out

We knew this thing was going to be a struggle without Andrew Luck, but this is starting to be embarrassing. The Colts are now 2-5, and there’s a thought Luck might not play at all. But they’ve scored above 20 points three times this year, and they’ve been beaten by double digits four times. This most recent shut out was highlighted by a broken locker room and some drama with players and coaches. Pagano’s days have to be numbered, as the Colts aren’t even competitive.

Jets Let Down Again

The damn Jets. They were the talk of the town after hitting 3-2 and a tie with the Patriots in the division. But then they blew a two touchdown lead against the Pats, and then again blew a two touchdown lead against the Dolphins. This most recent loss really hurts, as they’ve got the Falcons and Bills in back to back weeks. This one may be the ones that sends them back down to the drawing board and back to mediocrity.

Cards’ Days End

Let’s pour one out for the Cardinals. We warned you two weeks ago that the Cardinals were teetering on the verge of seeing the whole roster they crafted go up in smoke. After switching back and forward between competing and not, the Cardinals suffered their worst loss yet: they got smacked by the Rams, seeing their offense shut out and Carson Palmer put down for the year. That offense was abysmal with Stanton at the helm, and it looks like that old roster has finally broken down.

Bring Out the Ambulance

Injuries are the one thing that can really just hamper the NFL. And these quarterback injuries are really starting to pile up around the NFL. Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, Derek Carr, and Marcus Mariota have all missed time with injuries this year or are out for the year, and Cam Newton has complained of shoulder issues all year. It’s hurting the value of the games in the league, and things are getting rough for at least half the NFL teams.

Fantasy Outlook

Andy Dalton hasn’t been the most reliable quarterback this year, but now the Bengals are turning it around. He’s got nine scores in the last four weeks, and they are rattling off bunches of points. He’s got the Colts this week.

Cooper Kupp hasn’t been a steady quiet target all year, and with the Rams offense exploding now, you need to get on this bandwagon. Goff likes him a lot more than Watkins, and he gets a ton of receptions.

Juju Smith-Schuster got some publicity this week, but only for being called worse than Martavis Bryant. Still though, his receptions are way up, and he looks like he’ll be taking Bryant’s spot going forward.

The Extra Point

Burfict Still Ridiculous

Marshawn Catches the Game

Steelers Top Celebration

Cam’s Going to Fight Batman

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