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Hello, it’s I, your former Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Now, I bring you a weekly recap of all things NFL to get you ready for each and every week by recapping the week. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

Stock Report


Bills Just Keep Winning

It’s probably the biggest surprise in the NFL: after four weeks, the Bills, not the Pats, sit atop the AFC East. And it doesn’t look like a fluke: the Bills defense has been smothering, with their lone loss coming in a game in allowed just nine points. Tyrod Taylor is playing really well too, and that run game is not complimented with a pass. The Bills have all the tools to stymie the Patriots, but time will tell if this is for real.

Crowd Size Be Damned, Rams Are Good

Yeah, they aren’t doing it in front of a lot of people, but LA has a nice team to hang its hat around so far. Jared Goff and company got another win this week, going on the road to Dallas and limiting the Cowboys in a big way. We’ve known just how good the Rams defense is for a while, but man is that offense dealing right now. Goff looks like a seasoned pro with some fresh blood, and the Rams are looking like a fringe-playoff team.

Cam Goes Superman

It’s one week, but for the last few that I’ve been riding Cam Newton, he’s finally answered the call. Cam put on an absolute show in Foxboro, with the Panthers QB accounting for five touchdowns and getting a big win over the Patriots. This put the Panthers at 3-1, and now they’re in a dead heat with the Falcons. Could this be a return to the 2015 Panthers? Opening up the offense for Cam sure helped.


So, the Bills aren’t the only AFC East team that’s surprising everyone. The Jets, predicted to go 2-14 or worse, have somehow found themselves sitting at 2-2 (tied with the Patriots), after hitting a game winner over the Jaguars. This team is surprising stout, after a bad 0-2 start. The defense has stopped the Dolphins and (better) Jaguars offenses, and Josh McCown is a really good option so far under center. The Jets aren’t a playoff team, but give them some love.

Watson The Man

I just can’t get enough of DeShaun Watson. Watson was again terrific this week. Scratch that, he was more than terrific: his team scored 57(!!) points in a romp of the favorite in the division, squashing the Titans and throwing the Texans into first place in the division. Watson looks as poised as any QB, and he’s just out there balling. The Texans are the clear best team with Mariota’s injury, and this could be just the beginning for the Watson ride.

Eagles Fly High

Don’t look now, but the Eagles have the best record in the NFC. That’s due in large part on the play of the offense, with Carson Wentz settling in nicely with some All-Pro receivers around him. But the impressiveness of the Eagles also comes at the best possible time: the Cowboys are regressing, the Giants are awful, and they’ve already notched a win over the Redskins. It’s nowhere but up for these guys.


Dolphins Can’t Score

Man, I was ready to anoint Jay Cutler after week one’s showing by the Dolphins offense. Since, however, they’ve been bad. This week was a new low, with the team getting shut out by the Saints awful defense. Cutler looks uninterested, and almost no one is happy with how the ball is getting moved around. Adam Gase, an offensive mind, has to get this thing turned around fast.

Browns Are Bad

Look, I know we all knew the Browns were going to be the worst. But still, this is looking like a long season. The Browns had some promise in the offseason, especially with DeShone Kizer. But he’s definitely looked like a rookie. Beyond that, the Browns wasted their best chance yet at a win, with the Bengals beating them down. They need to get a win soon, 0-16 can’t be in the cards for what was supposed to be an improved year.

Steelers Drama

The Steelers are winning, so that’s a good thing. But that doesn’t at all mean that there isn’t some drama going on in the locker room. For starters, Le’Veon Bell has frustrated the offense with a lack of production behind the line. Bell says it’s blocking, but he’s noticeably slower. And then things blew up on the field with Antonio Brown voicing his displeasure with a lack of targets from Big Ben. This thing needs to get ironed out because the schedule won’t be as kind as it has been the last few weeks for Pitt.

Raiders, Raiders

We’re about to do this again, aren’t we? The Raiders lost Derek Carr again this Sunday, with him going down to a back injury. And that’s bad news: the Raiders are currently 2-2 and went to pieces last year without Carr. That isn’t helped by the fact that they feature the lone 4-0 team in football in their division. This team could take a deadly dip if they aren’t careful.

Fantasy Outlook

This week, look out for the Buffalo offense for a change, with Taylor and McCoy facing the Bengals soft defense this week.

Speaking of soft, the Lions have been anything but. But Cam Newton has favored Devin Funchess in the last two games, and I like his matchup against the Lions soft coverage.

The Titans go up against the Dolphins, but that’s without Marcus Mariota. Start DeMarco Murray, because his touches will be going up in this one to say the least.

And in the same vain, Marshawn Lynch should get the nod for you against that Ravens defense.

The Extra Point

We got to see Antonio Brown vs. Gatorade

And some nice Wildcat stuff from TWO different QBs.

And a vicious, suspension-inducing hit.

And some game winners from kickers (and Carson Palmer)!

See y’all next week!

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