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Hello, it’s I, your former Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Now, I bring you a weekly recap of all things NFL to get you ready for each and every week by recapping the week. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

Stock Report


Rams Look Competent

The Rams were one of those teams that should have performed a year ago and really, really didn’t, so we relegated them back into the “implied they suck” column. But after three weeks, the Rams definitely aren’t awful. No, let’s not pencil them in to be the winners of the NFC West, but this team looks actually poised, and that offense is not a joke. Jared Goff has turned a page, and with a defense that’s good too, this could be a .500 team (or better).

Bortles Slinging That Rock

Listen man, I was the very first on the “Bortles can’t hit water if he falls out of a boat” fan club, but he’s really looked good in the first couple of games for Jacksonville. That QB controversy must have got him ready to work, because he’s playing really well so far and not turning the ball over. The Jags may actually do something with this during the season.

Vikings Look Fine Without Sammy Sleeves

The Vikings were a surprise team during week one, with Sam Bradford honestly looking like a league MVP against he Saints. But when he went down, the fear crept in. But week two of Case Keenum saw the Vikings absolutely shred the Tampa Bay defense, and that’s incredible: Keenum was noticeably bad in his last stint in LA. But either way, the offense looks like it can muster something until Bradford gets back.

Redskins Keep Winning

After a less-than-satisfying start to the season against Philly, the Redskins have responded in a big way, winning a game against the Rams that now looks better than it did last week, and then walloping the Raiders in a game that wasn’t ever close. The defense looks like the real deal, primarily in the secondary. And Cousins is still throwing for bunches of yards. This is the most stable team in the division so far.


What a crazy week, right? Not even on the field, but all of the stuff off of it. Still, week three saw the NFL band together against some not-so-nice rhetoric from the President. Everyone made statements of unity, even having the owners come out in support of the players for once. That’s all well and good but, ahem, GET COLIN KAEPERNICK BACK IN THE NFL.


Bad Pats D

It’s not often that I get to legitimately rip the Patriots for something they’re doing that isn’t good. But this defense is really, really struggling to stop any offense with a pulse. They let the Texans do just about anything with a rookie QB in his second start. It was great for Watson, but if that offense was so good, this could become a problem.

Giants Still Struggling

Three weeks of this stuff, man. I was a real believer in what McAdoo and the Giants were doing, but this just doesn’t look good. That offense put up yards this week finally, but the play calling is really, really bad for this team. Without Beckham and that “throw it up to him” approach, the Giants really don’t have much of anything to work with. This shouldn’t be the case, and I’ll talk about it every week if I have to.

Cam’S Battle Continues

Another frequent occurrence: this really is something that the Panthers have to address. Cam doesn’t look at all like he should after the shoulder operation in the offseason. Cam can’t throw anything with accuracy, and they need to find out if its health or if it’s some kind of mentality. The Panthers may be 2-1, but this could spell trouble.

Tampa Bay Shows Rust

The Bucs got the raw end of the deal by having their game canceled in week one. But now, the Bucs are coming into Minnesota and just getting rocked by a team with their back up quarterback. The Vikings made the Bucs look bad defensively and offensively, and they’ve got fourteen more weeks of this in a row.

Fantasy Outlook

The Bengals looked finally competent last week, and Andy Dalton came alive. That’s good news for AJ Green, who gets the Brown defense this week.

Speaking of coming alive, the Rams are riding hot. But the Dallas defense should be a hard start this week with the Rams coming to their first road start.

The Giants are going up against the Bucs defense, and that means that some extra attention for Odell Beckham Jr., but that also means some nice blanket spots for Brandon Marshall.

And the Denver defense is going to get some play this week with the Oakland offense’s struggles, but don’t’ sleep on Oakland’s poor secondary: start a Denver receiver.

The Extra Point

Giving all of this to the protests around the league, so enjoy the wild weeked:

AND a game winner!

See you guys next week!

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