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Hello, it’s I, your Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Here is your recap of all you might have missed in the NFL this week. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

Stock Report


Rivers Fuels Chargers

Hey, I’m not sure you’ve noticed at all, but the Chargers are a really fun football team to watch. They’ve had some injury issues, and some early-season struggles, but they put on quite the show when given the opportunity. Philip Rivers is putting up some decent numbers this year and he’s rolling into form. And that Thanksgiving display after halftime shows that they are still dreaming of a playoff berth.

Tyrod Reclaims His Spot

We all know where we were last week when the Bills tried to replace their quality starter in Tyrod Taylor with a guy that promptly tossed 5 INTs. Now, Taylor is the starter again, and he’s picked up right where he left off. The Bills picked up another win Sunday to try and right the ship to get back in the playoff picture. The Patriots are looming this week, and we’ll see Tyrod get his chance to claim the throne.

Rams Keep Rolling

It’s harder each and every week to discount what the Rams are doing. This week saw them take on a Saints team riding an eight-game winning streak and one of the top offenses in the NFL. They frustrated Drew Brees and hampered that passing game enough for Jared Goff and company to light things up. The Rams got another huge win and are looking right at Philly for that top spot in the NFC.

NFC Stays Course

Looking around the NFC, we got a lot of the same results that are pushing us towards a terrific finish in a crowded playoff picture. The NFC South saw rivals gain on New Orleans, with Carolina and Atlanta winning. The Eagles also won, and the Rams and Seahawks are both sitting pretty in the West. Oh, and the Vikings are still winning. Looks like .500 won’t get you near the playoffs on this side.


Chiefs Run Down

The Kansas City Chiefs have been a solid addition to this side of the report for the last few weeks. Well, that slide continued this week. They had another embarrassing display Sunday, leaving them now firmly staring .500 in the face, and the division all of a sudden competitive with the Raiders and Chargers again. Things are not okay, with the Raiders gaining steam, this team that once was the last of the unbeaten may be staring an epic collapse in the face.

Broncos Can’t Score

Somebody check the pulse of the Broncos’ offense. They’ve got two All-Pros up front, along with two All-Pro receivers and a stud tight end. So explain to me why they can’t score at all? Well, look no further than these terrible quarterback options. The Broncos have squandered an elite defense and some terrific offensive talent, and it doesn’t look like there’s anything to be done this year.

Lions Lose Hope

Matt Stafford, you can only let me down so many times. The Lions put up quite the fight against the scorching Vikings, who are starting to run away with the division. But Stafford getting the ball back with a chance to win the game ended rather quickly with an interception. Now, the Lions are middling around .500, a dangerous place to be with a conference that last-place team is three games over.

Jags Blow It

Seriously, that loss is downright inexcusable. The Jaguars have been rummaging through the AFC lately, but took their talents on the road to the home of the Cardinals. There, they let Blaine Gabbert upset them and notch them closer to the Titans. These games are the ones they flat out can’t afford to be losing this late in the season.

Fantasy Outlook

Tyrod Taylor regained his spot as the starter in Buffalo, and now gets his chance to play on the biggest stage. They’ve got the Patriots this week, and while they can’t catch them in the division, it’s a chance to prove he belongs. Tyrod against the league’s worst defense, with something to prove? I’ll take him.

Houston’s defense has been fluctuating as a starter, but get your hands on them this week: they are great against the run, and that’s all the Titans do. This is going to be a slugfest, and the Texans’ defense is something to have.

Ameer Abdullah has mostly been a fantasy dud this year, getting most of his snaps off screens. But this week against that Ravens defense, he’s the primary back. And they’re not great against speedier backs. Pick him up soon.

The Extra Point

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