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Hello, it’s I, your former Ball Don’t Lie™ correspondent! Here is your recap of all you might have missed in the NFL this week. We’ll look at what teams/players you should “buy” or “sell” on the Stock Report, give you some Fantasy advice for you degenerates, and then look at some quick hits in the Extra Point. Let’s get started!

Stock Report


Brown and Steelers Explode

Pay attention, there may be a new monster atop the AFC. The Steelers were a favorite before the year started, but some struggles with the offense and a bumbling start had some forgetting about the Black and Yellow. Now, however, the Steelers are rolling. Antonio Brown has had two monster weeks back to back, and they hung a clinic this past week to the tune of 40+ points.

Ravens Somehow Alive

So with time starting to dwindle down in the season, the team that seems best equipped to slide into the final spot of the AFC playoffs is… Joe Flacco and the Ravens. That’s a testament to just how bad the AFC has been, but also some resiliency to the Ravens. That offense has been bad, but cutting the turnovers and anchoring on that defense has them in the right position.

Eagles Fly High Again

Boy, that was an eye-opening win for the Eagles against the Cowboys. We haven’t seen that rivalry game get that lopsided in a long time, and it’s really starting to look like the Eagles might not lose again. They are flat out bashing teams brains in, and the offense in particular is just rolling behind Carson Wentz. What that front did to Dak was embarrassing, and this team my lock up the top seed in the NFC early.

Falcons Hang Around

Two weeks ago, these Falcons were left for dead. That was before they decided to figure out how to use their talent again, smashing the Cowboys and then riding up to Seattle and getting a thrilling win over the Seahawks. The offense has looked beautiful, with Julio getting involved again and Mohammed Sanu playing great in the slot. They are back to make a playoff push in their tough division.


Chiefs Collapse

What happened to this offense? After rolling through the start of the year with the league’s most explosive offense, they have cratered hard. They’ve dropped four of their last five, and the last two losses have seen the Cowboys soft defense shut them down, and then a flat-out embarrassing show this week against the Giants. Now, there are even rumors of a QB switch to a rookie. Yikes.

Bills, Bills

Absolutely no one had a worse week than the Buffalo Bills. After creating a controversy out of nothing for a quarterback battle that didn’t exist, the Bills decided to bench Tyrod Taylor. That went about as bad as any decision in the history of football, with Nathan Peterman promptly tossing FIVE interceptions in his short-lived debut. Oh, and this team is in the midst of a playoff push.

Raiders Hit the Dirt

The Raiders have been the most inconsistent team in the league so far. After that win over the Chiefs pulled them back to competing for the playoffs, they’ve surrendered 34, 27 and 33 points respectively. They’ve fired their DC today, but this team may not have much time left to get this right, with a stretch of Chiefs, Cowboys, and Eagles coming.

Paging Dak

Rough week for the “Dak Prescott is Russell Wilson” fandom. Dak has been gifted an awful offensive line, a total shift from his first year. Couple that with a bad defense and Zeke missing games and we’ve got a surefire recipe for some serious struggling. They have gotten waxed by the Falcons and the Eagles in back to back weeks, and it looks like they may not be a playoff team.

Legion of Doomed

RIP to the Seahawks defense. With Sherman out and the unit just getting older, this is a far cry from the Hawks defense we’ve been so used to. They are especially bad in the secondary, and are completely relying on this front seven. They had been good against the run, but when you’re giving up 300 through the air, that doesn’t matter.

Fantasy Outlook

If you haven’t jumped out there yet, Case Keenum needs to be a starter. He’s an efficient passer, despite the interception issue. He may have the best receiver tandem in the NFL, and with Stefon and Adam, he’s a surefire start against a less-than-great Lions secondary.

Speaking of bad secondary’s, Philip Rivers is going to get a chance to throw up some yards and points against the Cowboys this week. The Cowboys aren’t stopping anyone lately, and Rivers has been on a hot streak. This could get ugly.

Marcus Mariota has been subpar the last few weeks, but it is time to give him a chance. Two reasons: he’s still a great dual threat player, and the Colts stink. This is the perfect bounce back game.

The Extra Point

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Kamara Gets the Grab

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