Tuesday 20 March 2018 / 07:03 AM

WR Mohamed Sanu tosses 50 yard bomb

NFL fans love trick plays, but given that the real thing is far from being a video game, wide receiver or halfback passes rarely work.

That’s unless you have Mohamed Sanu on your team.

The Bengals wide receiver gunned an impressive fifty-yard strike to fellow wideout Brandon Tate on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

The completion makes him three for three on his career for pass attempts with each going for an explosive play of over 25 yards.

While Tate made a great catch on the play, Sanu’s pass was everything that a quarterback coach dreams of. It was a textbook throw, dropping the ball in a position that no one else but his receiver would have a chance to make the play.

Unfortunately the big gain went to waste as Mike Nugent missed a 38-yd field goal to end the drive.

Cincinnati did go on to win the game 24-10.

The Bengals will need more big plays by Sanu and Tate as their all-pro receiver A.J. Green left the game with a toe injury and could miss additional time.

[Bleacher Report]

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