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Woody's Weekly Scoop: Richard Sherman

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. And usually my job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. HOWEVER, this week I’ve decided to dive into one of the biggest stories in NFL since the championship games last weekend.

Richard Sherman.

So enjoy!

Richard Sherman – Post-Game Interview

Seconds after the Seattle Seahawks rallied to beat the San Francisco (23-17) to claim the NFC title and advance to their second Super Bowl, cornerback Richard Sherman participated in an interview that left onlookers and reporter, Erin Andrews, scratching their heads. Sherman sealed the victory after breaking up a Colin Kaepernick pass to Michael Crabtree on the last play of the game.


These are two interviews that took place. They occured in this order with the second rant raising more eyebrows.


This is exactly why the coaching staff try and rush players off the field after a game – they do their best to delay any post-match interview for twenty or so minutes.

Sherman’s game-winning play.


I agree with the backlash Sherman’s receiving across the sporting world – the guy’s an idiot. But, honestly, what do you expect, shoving a microphone in a player’s face directly after they make arguably a game-winning play to send his team to the Super Bowl? The F***ING SUPER BOWL!!?? That signature play was by far the greatest moment in this guy’s short career. If you manage to talk to a player in that immediate moment after that life-altering play, who knows what you’re going to get. Particularly one who is already regarded as arrogant and perilously passionate, right?


There is a statistic on everything conceivably possible in the NFL; surely there’s one on how many times Sherman’s run his mouth, yeah?

Throughout the aftermath, Sherman’s allies have jumped to his defense – nearly all of them at one stage arguing that he’s an intelligent person. I have no uncertainty that Sherman is a clever guy – to come from his rough background (Compton) and make the smart decision to not participate in some of the activities his friends would have been partaking in speaks miles about his character. It really does.

Yet some of his actions have made it very difficult for his friends as they show their support.

First of all, anyone who considers Michael Crabtree as a “mediocre receiver”, you’re an idiot. He’s the number one wide receiver on the San Francisco 49ers – why do you think Kaepernick targeted him on the last play of an NFC championship game? Because he is mediocre at best? Mmmm, not quite.

I totally agree with Sherman (110%); those pathetic individuals who reacted by using profound racial slurs, they are scum – it’s sad knowing people still use race in an argument and that society hasn’t progressed on from this.

Sherman states in an interview with CNN: “What I did was within the lines of a football field, what they did was in actual reality, they showed their true character, those were real comments.”

 Before he also quotes: “I said I would keep it on the field, you know, I will show you on the field.”

 Ok, technically when the interview occurred he “was within the lines of a football field”, but if the abovementioned statements are what he truly believes, how can Sherman not see that by directly attacking Michael Crabtree on world-wide television, that right then and there, he’s taken their personal on-field qualms off field and straight into the public’s eye? Therefore, doing precisely the opposite of what he apparently stands for.

 On top of this, as soon as that interview concluded, Sherman’s actions rapidly shifted the mood and attention elsewhere. Here we were, amazed by this epic duel that just took place. As we should have been – that was undeniably one of the greatest games of NFL you will see. Instead, all the focus was transferred from how he is the best cornerback in the league to Michael Crabtree and how disrespectful Sherman can be even when he wins. Or what most people began to think – “RIP HIS FACE OFF HIS FACE, YEAH MANNING!”

 I stumbled across this fantastic article that outlines the economic and professional consequences of Sherman’s interview. T.M. McAleenan Jr. discusses how those people that win graciously in life decrease the likelihood of defeat in the future. Sure, one’s trash talking can lift one’s performance, as they feel the need to justify their large mouth. But, essentially, you’re just positioning a target on your back for future sides, and even more so for the teams and players you’ve already battled against. What are your thoughts? After Peyton Manning watched Sherman’s brain snap, do you reckon, through his competitive nature, that Manning will pay more or less attention to Sherman’s game-tapes before Super Bowl 48? If you said more, you’re damn bloody right.

 What about the fans? They are the most important element of any sport. How many fence sitters just have jumped ship to Colorado?

 “Wow, what a dick, f-you Sherman, BRONCOS BRONCOS BRONCOS!”

I wasn’t on the fence. Whichever side won out of Denver and the Patriots was who I was going to support at MetLife Stadium. But I kind of wanted to witness an exciting spectacle – now I want Manning to embarrassingly exploit Sherman’s weaknesses and immaturity.

Surely Sherman can see that bringing his team’s reputation down, thus losing support, is a negative implication for the Seahawks, right? Every coach will tell you that they’d rather have the crowd on their side, than not. More than most, Sherman knows the advantaage of having a loud stadium cheering you on. The Seahawks have lost just one home game in two season, which is crazy good! The crowd received the nickname, “12th Man”, becuase of the intimidating and thunderous noise their supporters make. The 12th Man broke a record for the loudest crowd in history at 137.6 decibles!

 Once again, I don’t doubt Sherman’s intelligence. But if he wants fans to honestly believes every bit of dribble we’ve heard come out of his mouth, (he’s a team player; he cares more about the team’s performance than his own, how he always puts the team first), then how can he not see the detrimental impact of his reckless interviews and trash-talking off the field?

 Without a doubt the Seahawks have every chance of winning the Super Bowl. And Richard Sherman could very well back up his mouth by producing some remarkable plays that will leave us marveling his brilliance – but I guarantee, now it’s going to be much harder for Sherman and Seattle, thanks to his selfish, post-game rant.



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