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It was not a good weekend for football fans in the state of Florida.

University of Florida

The first cut stung the worst, with the University of Florida’s embarrassing NCAA loss to the University of Tennessee. The Gators walked onto the field with a 12-game winning streak under their belt, and 11 consecutive wins against Tennessee – yet they were still underdogs. For the first half of the game, the Gators told the world that Florida football should not be slept on…and then they fell asleep on Tennessee.

The Gators led the Volunteers 21-3 at the half, and then what was thought to be the best defense in the country gave up two touchdowns making it 21-17. There was a collective lurching feeling across the Gator nation, which only got worse as the Vols ran wild and scored three more touchdowns in the span of a few minutes to run away with it 38-21.

Although NCAA encounters tend to be more volatile than NFL games, the lesson here is that complacency is the first step towards going downhill. The Gators made no changes in their game-plan, whereas Tennessee clearly found a way to poke holes through it. The crux of the failure falls on defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, who allowed some of the top defensive talent in the nation to give up four touchdowns in 18 minutes.

Jacksonville Jaguars

It honestly baffles me how many different ways Jacksonville has found to lose games. Rack up the interceptions, fumbles, number of times the offensive line let Bortles get sacked, and unfortunate plays and you can sum of how the rest of the Jags’ season will probably go.

But hey, Dante Fowler, Florida native and Gator, had a nasty fumble on Flacco and that was cool. Losing this game at home at Everbank Field was another dagger to the heart of Jacksonville fans, and I don’t know how much more they can take. The Jags move on with an 0-3 record to play the Indianapolis Colts at Wembley Stadium in London. The Jags probably aren’t the best team to send over to demonstrate the fun of the NFL, but if London ever needs a team the Jags are probably only a few more losing seasons from packing their bags like the St. Louis Rams did.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Taking a hop across the state to the west coast, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went head to head with the Los Angeles Rams. Overall, this wasn’t a bad game to watch. Jameis Winston started getting into great momentum in the 4th quarter and threw for 405 yards and three TDs, but this wasn’t enough to convert the final drive into points during the nail-biting finish. The Buccaneers move forward with a 1-2 record to play the undefeated Broncos at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Good luck.

Miami Dolphins

Shout out to the home team for getting their first win of the season in overtime against the Cleveland Browns. But let’s put this into perspective. The Cleveland Browns are often coming in dead last in the power rankings. Starting QB RG3 might be out for the season with a shoulder injury. Back up QB Josh McCown has a broken clavicle. It all came down to third string QB Cody Kessler.

This isn’t the New England Patriots who can turn a 3rd-string rookie QB situation into a blowout victory over one of the best defenses in the country, this is the Cleveland Browns who were already struggling to begin with. The fact that the survivor unit Browns could take the Dolphins to overtime speaks volumes of the Dolphins defense’s frailties. Luckily for the 1-2 Dolphins, their upcoming games are looking promising. They have a short week and will play the 1-2 Bengals on Thursday, followed by the 1-2 Titans, 2-1 Steelers, 1-2 Bills, 1-2 Jets, and 1-2 Chargers.

Hopefully the Dolphins can up their game-play to at least pummel the Jets in a few weeks.

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