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The first round of the NFL Draft took place yesterday, with the bulk of the teams landing someone they hope makes a difference for their team’s success. It was a wild first round, with teams making trades and moving around. Some made great moves, others were left holding the bag. So who had the best first round? Who made mistakes? We’ve got you covered.


San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers had a really impressive kick off to the draft, with the Niners dealing their second overall pick for the third that helped add a haul of two third-round picks and a fourth from Chicago. All in all, they ended up getting the player they wanted anyways in Solomon Thomas. And to make things even better, the Niners got the player that had third overall on their board later in the draft. Using one of their acquired seconds, the Niners moved into the end of the first round to nab Rueben Foster, the stud defender who fell due to a shoulder injury.

Cleveland Browns

It was hard for the Browns to come out of this as anything less than a winner, having the top pick and Myles Garrett sitting there. But the Browns actually did take Garrett, which is a feat considering how close they apparently were to going with a QB. Still, the Browns made use of their later picks, trading away their 12th overall for even more picks, and used that Texans pick to grab Jabrill Peppers. Even if Peppers isn’t great, he’s free from that Osweiler trade. The Browns are doing the rebuild right.

Houston Texans

The Texans shredded a ton of assets to move that Osweiler contract to the Browns. They had barely anything in the first three rounds because of that trade, but they made sure to make use of what they had. They made another deal with Cleveland, moving up to get their presumptive QB of the future in DeShaun Watson, who should be everything they’ll need. Even if he’s average, he’s a big upgrade from the QBs they had a year ago, which got them to the playoffs.

Jameis Winston

The added explosiveness that Jameis Winston will get in his newest year in the NFL is insane. After adding DeSean Jackson in free agency, the Bucs got a great compliment in OJ Howard. Howard fell way farther than he should have down to 19, and the Bucs certainly weren’t expecting him to be there. It’s unfortunate for Howard, but a great pickup for an offense that’s looking to take the next step.


Chicago Bears

Oh, we knew what this was going to be from the moment it happened, right? The Bears gave up a massive amount to move up one spot and take a player that the team above them was never going to take. Add in the fact that they apparently weren’t bidding against anyone, and this just looks bad. Now look at the actual drafting of Mitch Trubisky, a decision they reportedly didn’t even tell their coach about. And that’s all after locking up Mike Glennon for the next three years to big money to be the starter. Man.

Alex Smith

Speaking of QBs getting the raw end of the deal, Chiefs QB Alex Smith finally saw his replacement possibly get drafted in Patrick Mahommes. They’ve rumored this for a while, but seeing this happen to a guy that’s won the Chiefs double digit games for the last three years is a little odd. Either way, they’ve burned a top-fifteen pick on this kid, so the Chiefs think he’s their future, for better or for worse.

Troubled RBs

The to pof the draft saw the largest group of talented running backs we’ve seen so far. In the top ten, we got Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffery getting scooped. But draft experts thinks there are backs even better that didn’t go. Legal or personal trouble for Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, and Joe Mixon prevented any of them going in the first round, and we’ll see just how far they’ll fall.


The most surprising part of the first round may be just how putrid this crop of offensive linemen ended up being. Just one went in the first round, and he didn’t go until the 20s. The draft was said to be thin, and we surely saw just how bad in a hurry in the first round.

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