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Which QB Will Struggle in 2nd Year?

Ben Roethlisberger came out and basically told the world to slow down about the talk of Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

Well, as odd as it sounds considering their 2013 season’s, he is correct.

All three of these quarterbacks are going to do wonders in the NFL. They all made the postseason this past year and Wilson was close to making it to the NFC Championship game. But it was just one season. Before crowning them the future, we should allow time to run its course.

At least wait two years, right? I mean, let’s see if one of these guys has a sophomore slump in his second year.

If I had to choose one quarterback who I believe is going to experience the biggest setback it has to be Robert Griffin III.

It’s tough to call but he has the most injury concerns, and to me, that is the single most important issue out of all three quarterbacks.

Luck is a pure pocket passer. The majority of his passes come from the pocket. Russell Wilson proved to be a pocket passer despite his size. Both are limiting their odds of getting injured by staying in the pocket.

Griffin III wants to make the big play and he doesn’t care if it’s with his arm or his legs. He ran the ball 120 times this past season and he failed to prove that he could make the smart decision to slide or get out of bounds.

Wilson only ran the ball 94 times and Luck only had 62 attempts so the likelihood of Griffin being injured is significantly higher than the two. Plus, both Luck and Wilson proved they know when to go for the big play or play it safe and get down or get out of bounds.

Wilson’s numbers and overall record might not be as good as last season but Griffin might not be on the field enough to make a difference for the Redskins.

He’s a fantastic talent and a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, but he has durability issues and we have seen it in his brief NFL career.

If I had to choose one quarterback who I think would make a lesser impact than last season, it would have to be Griffin because of his injury concerns.

Other than those concerns, I expect all three to make similar impacts if they can stay healthy.

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