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Week 9 was stacked with rivalry shootouts and exciting plays, and things are slightly cooling off in week 10. There are still going to be a handful of competitive games and some great football ahead, though, so let’s go over my picks for the most interesting matchups this weekend.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens – 12.25pm (AEDT), Friday

This is about the time that it was expected that RG3 would be able to play football again for Cleveland and the season could possibly be redeemed, but things aren’t looking so good for the Browns. As bad as the quarterback situation is in Cleveland, this doesn’t change the fact that the Ravens are going through their own struggles as well. Sure, they stopped a four-game losing streak with a big win against Pittsburgh, but the Steelers are doing pretty awful themselves.

The 35-10 Cowboys blowout over the Browns last week still stings, but I feel like this matchup has potential for the Browns to get a W. Now, I’m not saying to put money on this game but this is not a bad matchup of two bad teams for Thursday Night Football. Realistically, Baltimore wins by at least 10 points.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles – 5.00am (AEDT), Monday

The Carson Wentz hype machine is almost out of gas, and with their loss to their rival New York Giants, the Eagles are not looking good. The Falcons, on the other hand, just spanked Tampa Bay 43-28 and are trying to get back on a roll. The explosive Falcons offense surprised many people this season, and they are not going to slow down anytime soon.

Eagles fans are always stuck in an underdog narrative and hopefully the Eagles can bring home a win at home for them, but the Falcons are probably going to take advantage of the many holes in the Philly defense. It could be a pretty close game, but Atlanta will take the win with a 7-point minimum lead.

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers – 5.00am (AEDT), Monday

Miami just capped off a four-game home streak with a 96-yard kickoff return for one of the luckiest comebacks the NFL is going to see this season. Jay Ajayi is proving to be a monster and Ryan Tannehill is getting more and more opportunities to play good football. Overall, the Dolphins are starting to tighten up but aren’t exactly worth an early celebration. Dolphins fans everywhere could use this momentary optimism, but this Sunday is going to be pretty tough.

The Chargers had their backs against the wall earlier this season, but got some breathing room after a momentous victory over the Broncos. This lasted for about two weeks until they played Denver again and lost. Now they are teetering towards oblivion again. A win over the Dolphins would be big for them. If the Fins offensive line can give Tannehill space and he doesn’t throw any pick 6s, the Dolphins will be able to squeeze away with a narrow victory.

Seattle Seahawks @ New England Patriots – 12.30 (AEDT), Monday

The Patriots are currently the team to beat, and the Seahawks have been waiting for this game all season. Tom Brady’s rampage hasn’t lost its flames, but it definitely has cooled off a bit. This will be a very strategic battle between coaches Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll. I expect a low-scoring game with fewer ballsy plays than usual.

The Patriots tend not to play around when it comes to winning at home. Since Tom Brady has been at QB, the Patriots have a 106-18 home record. Brady is on the heels of retirement and is the type of player to want to ride off into the sunset undefeated at home in his final seasons with a Super Bowl trophy (or two). Trump’s win might just see ‘Tom Terrific’ come out with some extra venom this week, too.

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