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The Minnesota Vikings turned heads after their surprising opening week victory without franchise cornerstone Teddy Bridgewater. But many thought that the Cinderella feeling around the franchise would come to an abrupt end with the high-flying Green Bay Packers coming to town. Especially with a brand new quarterback in Sam Bradford, one that had only had the playbook for a couple of weeks.

But the Vikings kept with the Pack, trading blows in a defensive struggle for most of the game. And Bradford put on a show. In a surprising twist, Bradford looked ready and poised, taking the punishment from Green Bay and making terrific plays all night.

Minnesota ultimately held off Green Bay, 17-14, establishing themselves as a contender in the NFC North. It was a night to celebrate for Vikings fans nervous of the end of a chance to keep the division.

On the debit side, the Vikings lost Adrian Peterson. The star running back was helped off the field unable to put pressure on his ankle. If Peterson is unable to play going forward, it’s another massive blow to a team that already has faced a change of direction. But Bradford gives them hope, and for a team facing this many challenges, that’s all you can ask for.

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