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The NFL got some buzz last week when it instituted a brand new social media policy – fining teams upwards of $100,000 for posting highlights of their own games on social media.

The move was supposedly made to help rectify the massive drop in ratings for the NFL during this season. But it has not been well-received by fans of the NFL, specifically on social media.

According to the NFL itself, “The league’s social media policy, which went into effect Wednesday, forbids teams from posting highlights from television directly to social media or turning highlights into GIFs. The social media policy also forbids teams from shooting video inside the stadium during the game and posting it on social media. It also forbids using Facebook Live or Periscope to stream anything live within the stadium.”

Yet, on Sunday, two teams took the opportunity to poke fun at the league, as the Eagles and Browns both posted ‘highlight’ plays. And the head of the NFLPA was quick to chime in.

This probably isn’t a great look for the NFL.

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