Saturday 20 January 2018 / 01:57 PM

'Sweat it to get it' Gatorade ads: Cam & Peyton

Gatorade’s become such a ubiquitous part of our diet these days that it’s a real wonder that it hasn’t been named as the fifth food group.

But if you’re thinking of picking up a bottle or two to pour over your breakfast cereal, think again.

With the company’s new “Sweat it to get it” campaign, an NFL superstar might just walk up behind you in line and smack those electrolytes right out of your hands. Don’t try to purchase the sports drink without first having a workout.

Here’s Gatorade’s new promotional spot featuring Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Peyton Manning’s getting in on the action, too, chucking an unsuspecting customer’s bottle all the way to the other side of the convenience store.

[Fox Sports]


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