Thursday 22 March 2018 / 09:00 PM


In the latest round of lash-outs by a pissed-off Seahawks team, Michael Bennett decided to join the fray.

After their rough outing against the Falcons yesterday – bounced out of the playoffs in a 36-20 loss – Bennett entered the locker room in a huff, and as a Seattle TV reporter asked him about the Seahawks’ lack of a pass rush, Bennett took the time to respond.

Bennett berated the reporter, telling him repeatedly to “get out of my face” and culminating in “what adversity you ever been through?”

And here’s the best part: the reporter is a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Losing a game and being upset is understandable, but the Seahawks show a pattern of sore losing. And I’m sure Bennett didn’t know the reporter’s history, but questioning a man’s life and challenges is simply being an ass.

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