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1. Myles Garrett is a Man

Myles Garrett has been a consensus top-five draft choice since his freshman year at Texas A&M. And considering A&M never really did much outside of his accomplishments, it was easy to get bogged down in the everyday wonder of Garrett. There’s been rumors since December that the Browns may go QB, and that Garrett may slide down to the 49ers.

Yeah, those hopes are gone. Garrett led the NFL Combine in bench reps, had a vertical that was taller than anyone at the NBA Combine last year (those guys that get paid to jump), and ran a blistering 40-yard dash. He literally broke the combine, and reminded everyone how much of a freak he is. He’s drawing comparisons to Jadaveon Clowney, and I don’t even think that is fair. He’s the number one pick in the draft, next question.

2. John Ross is the Top WR, But Not by Much

John Ross lit up the combine press in the final few days by running the fastest 40 in the history of the combine. Dude ran a 4.22, and if you don’t know how fast that is, it would make him the fastest player in the NFL from day one. Needless to say, this rocketed Ross’ already solid resume, and has him the talk of many teams from the 7-11 range in the draft.

But Ross still isn’t the consensus guy in a draft stocked with quality receiver talent. Clemson’s Mike Williams is still right there, and there’s just a ton of talent at the position. But if you’re looking for a straight away star, you’re probably not going ot see it from this group.

3. Mitch Trubisky is the New Random Love

The guy who got a ton of buzz during the combine is this year’s random obsession in the quarterback department. North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky measured almost identically to Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, and many scouts think he may be more prepared to be a better quarterback.

But even taking the Watson comparison out of it, I’m not so sure I’d hedge my bets. Trubisky started just 15 games in college for UNC, and his decision making is questionable at best. Not to mention, I’m not buying scouts saying Watson is too small to be an NFL starter and Trubisky has the “NFL body”. The measurements: Watson-6’1, 245lbs. Trubisky 6’1, 248lbs. Come on, man.

4. Come All Ye O-Linemen

Speaking of questionable things, there’s was a prevailing hope heading into this combine that some talent on the offensive line would start to show itself before teams went into deliberations on free agency. Well, that certainly didn’t happen. If anything, it showed just how poor this draft class is along the line, and that will certainly impact free agency.

In fact, the best lineman that may be available is probably Alabama’s Cam Robinson, and he’s fresh off an arrest this past year, and has been disciplined three times in college. Bank on free agents, there are not lineman I’d waste a top ten pick on.

5. OJ Howard is Fantastic

Look, I know that things don’t always translate from college to the pros. I know that Howard was largely unused by Alabama in his time at the school. But OJ Howard is a freak of nature, and the combine showed that. He’s out-testing receivers and running backs in quickness, his vertical was insane, and the guy is legitimately a freak athlete.

In fact, I’m hedging my bets: OJ Howard is the best non-QB offensive player in this draft. Seriously, someone pick this guy up.

6. We Don’t Know Anything

Here’s the big thing to take away from all this: we really don’t know. This is the first draft in a while that I haven’t felt like I had some kind of clue of what would shake out. Outside of Garrett, it’s truly a guess of what team is going to do what, and those questions were just added more to during the combine.

Which means that we’re in for a wild ride for the next few months. Until then, don’t believe anything you hear.

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