Saturday 24 March 2018 / 05:54 AM


The first strange move of the season came across the wire today, as the Saints released backup running back CJ Spiller. The move surprised many across the league. Spiller has struggled to stay healthy, but had finally been cleared right before the game against Oakland last week.

The Saints scratched Spiller before game time, and Sean Payton listed it as a scheme issue. The move was puzzling, but far from an indicator that Spiller would be let go.

It’s especially confusing for the Saints, who already have close to $40 million in dead cap space tied to players not even on the roster anymore. And now the Saints will pay Spiller to not play.

It’s odd that the Saints would wait this long and then cut Spiller right as he’s getting healthy. Maybe there’s something behind the scenes, but it certainly doesn’t make sense to cut your clear most talented tailback just as the season gets started.

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