Monday 19 March 2018 / 07:49 PM

Russell Wilson flaunts his “Lombardi” trophy

Russell Wilson might just very well be America’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

The newly single Super Bowl winning quarterback has already captured American football’s number one prize in just his second season and by all accounts he’ll be a super gajillionaire once the Seahawks extend his contract prior to the 2015 season.

And on top of all that he’s a super nice guy that devotes a great deal of his free time to charity!

What else could a lady want in a potential partner?

Well, how about a sneak peek, “try before you buy” look at Mr. Wilson’s penis?


Check out the cover of Sports Illustrated’s West Coast version of their NFL Preview edition.

Kaepernick’s taller and he’s totally ripped, but Russell’s got a championship ring and…well, see for yourself:

It’s good to be Russell Wilson.

I would be, too.

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