Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 08:42 AM

Ravens fan angers Browns faithful in Ohio

A Baltimore Ravens fan somehow escapes without a broken nose after celebrating a Baltimore touchdown at the Celeveland Browns’ FirstEnergy Stadium.

Do you remember when the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore, became the Ravens, and started winning Super Bowls?

I do.

As does every single Browns fan.

Watch here as a Baltimore fan celebrates his team’s touchdown in the wrong stadium. I’m truly blown away that this jackass didn’t get his butt kicked.

There are some angry faces in that crowd and rightly so. It’s one thing to go to a visiting stadium and cheer on your team but there is a modicum of respect that generally keeps visiting fans from behaving like morons.

If I were there I’d have considered throwing my beer in dude’s face…oh wait, that beer cost nine bucks…I’d better give him the finger instead.


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