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The Los Angeles Rams opened their inaugural season in the City of Angels on the road on Monday night – and they certainly got a welcoming party from their new neighbors, the San Francisco 49ers.

The subject of the 2016 season of Hard Knocks certainly got their share of them throughout the night, as the 49ers defense came into their own at the expense of the young Rams offense. Quarterback Case Keenum was bullied all night in the 28-0 loss, pressured and making bad throws to the tune of 17 of 35 for just 130 yards and two interceptions.

It was an abysmal showing for sure, rivaled only by the running game. Star running back Todd Gurley was held to just 2.8 yards per carry, rushing for just 47 yards on the night.

The defense was equally bad, with star lineman Aaron Donald a nonfactor as the defense repeatedly found themselves out of position and in a bad spot all night. They had Blaine Gabbert looking like a budding star, and left Jeff Fisher looking like a lame duck.

Fisher famously told his players on Hard Knocks that he, “wasn’t taking another [expletive] 7-9 season!”

As of right now, the Rams are heading for something far worse than 7-9.

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