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If you were looking for the most meaningless game in sports, you’d be hard pressed to find one worse than the NFL’s Pro Bowl.

But this year, things actually got competitive. Held in Orlando for the first time, the Pro Bowl showcased some entertaining athletes, and some attempted defense and scoring by both sides.

But we still got a snore-fest. Looking to drum up excitement, the league added lots of new elements off the field (including a dodgeball game!). But on the field, we got just 33 points.

Oh, and no scoring after halftime. The best highlight of the night was a fan running onto the field.

Seriously, the two biggest highlights of the actual game were Travis Kelce imitating an Internet meme, and Kirk Cousins chasing down Aqib Talib’s interception and forcing a fumble.

There were four field goals and just three touchdowns as the AFC won 20-13, while the attendance was yet again bad. It was a nice little exhibition, but the NFL should start seeing the writing on the wall of a failed experience – for fans and players alike.

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