Sunday 25 February 2018 / 05:01 AM

Peyton’s 'Dancing with the Stars' invite revoked

The Denver Broncos are keeping practices light-hearted and fun as they look to file their Super Bowl meltdown into the past and work towards loading one more ring into Peyton Manning’s trophy case.

And it appears as though nobody’s looser than the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback himself.

Forgetting momentarily that there’s always a camera pointed his way, #18 slid into his dancin’ shoes when the country and bluegrass classic “Rocky Top” came on during warm-ups.

Nobody’s ever used the words “elegant” or “graceful” to describe Peyton’s leg movements, but it’s truly hard to believe this is the best dancing Manning can muster.


Fortunately Peyton gets paid to throw touchdowns and not to boogie.



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