Sunday 18 February 2018 / 02:08 PM


The Patriots win the AFC, the league penalizes celebrations, and Pacman Jones gets arrested. There are certain constants in the NFL, and one of them rang true early this morning.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ embattled corner has seen his share of controversy on the field and off, and added to the list early this morning, getting arrested for harassment, and then fighting and head-butting the officer during the arrest.

Jones denies his charges, but after signing the big extension the Bengals gave him last season, one would have to think that this would at least give the Bengals pause on keeping him around.

For Pacman’s newest team, it’s far from his first arrest. This will be his fourth while in the NFL, the last coming after a year suspension for a club shooting he was involved in in which Roger Goodell said would be his last chance.

We’ll see if the Commissioner stands firm going forward.

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