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The Miami Dolphins’ six-game win streak game to an immediate and embarrassing halt in a 38-6 beatdown courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens. For almost two months, Dolphins fans got a chance to see what it was like to have a winning team.

The sun in South Florida shined a little brighter, but in our heart of hearts this Dolphins team just doesn’t feel any different from that of previous seasons.

The Dolphins Were Never Actually Good

The winning run was a combination of good football that is unlike the typical Dolphins, and an easy schedule. Out of that six-game win streak, the only team remotely competitive with the big dogs was the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the only reason the Dolphins won was because the Steelers were playing an awful game.

Each game they won was insanely close, and the Dolphins won on an explosive lucky play in the dwindling minutes of the fourth quarter. When the Dolphins had a close shave against the second to worst team in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers, I started getting worried. Either they were taking it easy to save up for the big clash against Baltimore, or they were genuinely struggling.

After receiving the biggest drubbing of Week 13, it is clear that the Dolphins were never in a position to face off against a truly competitive team. The Ravens got into a groove and shut down the poor man’s version of the Dallas Cowboys strong in the first quarter, then continued the massacre up until the clock read 0:00.

Tannehill Gon’ Be Tannehill

Ever since the Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill in the 2012 Draft with the 8th overall pick, I wanted him to be good. Not only was he the first quarterback selected by the Fins in the first round since the legendary Dan Marino in 1983, his college stats from Texas A&M were pretty promising.

His last six games this season were decent, but this Baltimore shutdown put him on par with the worst. He threw for 226 yards on 29/40 attempts, with 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. He’s not as bad as Blake Bortles, but up against one of the top-ranked defenses he did not look good. Joe Flacco, on the other hand, threw for 381 yards on 36/47 attempts, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Dolphins Playoff Chances

The Dolphins playoff chances took a huge hit on Sunday, but it wasn’t lethal. Yes, Dolphin fans, we still have a fighting shot to get a wildcard.

Following the Baltimore beatdown, the Dolphins chances dropped to a lowly 18%. The Fins will face against the Cardinals next week and have a chance to increase their odds to 25%. The optimist in me wants them to win, but the Cardinals just played a great game against the Redskins and I’m afraid that no matter how good the Fins’ defense is, their offense will struggle. If the Raiders beat the Chiefs, and the Titans beat the Broncos, the Dolphins odds shoot up to 46%.

If the Dolphins lose to the Cardinals, they will have to beat the Bills and Jets to be near 50%. Then, control is out of the Dolphins hands and Dolfans will have to tune into several other key games in hopes to increase Dolphin odds. If the right combination of teams win, the Dolphins will have a 93% chance. They will then face the Patriots, but will only drop to 89% should they lose.


My prediction is that the Dolphins go 2-2 in their final games. They will lose against the Cardinals and Patriots, and win big games against the Bills and the Jets. What is going to make or break the Dolphins’ post-season chances are those two key clashes, as well as a couple pieces falling together across the map with other teams.

To be specific, the Steelers and Chiefs need to lose more than they win. Call me crazy, but as a Dolphins fan this time of year is more exciting than the actual Super Bowl.

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