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Warren Buffet is best known as the billionaire business tycoon with a net worth of $65.5 billion, but on Sundays he is likely to be cheering on his favorite sporting team, the Miami Dolphins. During a recent home opener, Buffet dressed in shoulder pads and a Suh jersey to show support.

Let’s put this into perspective: the entire Dolphins team franchise is worth $1.07 billion. This is about 1.5% of Buffett’s net worth. That’s the equivalent of the average person making $65,000 a year cheering on his son’s JV team that has a budget of $975. Warren Buffet has the power to do to entire companies what Ndamukong Suh does to NFL players on a weekly basis.

A handful of other celebs have been seen rocking Dolphins gear, ranging from Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Depp, to even Johnny Ramone prior to his death in 2004.

Houston Texans

Naturally, George Bush Sr and Jr are fans of the Houston Texans. As two men who have built their careers in Texas, of course they favorite a team from Texas. The two men have ran the country for years in the double digits, but now they get to enjoy the games without having the nuclear launch codes within arm’s reach.

Dallas Cowboys

One of basketball’s all-time greats cheers for America’s team. LeBron James is a devout Cowboys fan and is known to frequent the games from the sideline. The offseason must be nice without the pressure having to carry the Cavaliers to another championship. No one can really call LeBron a bandwagon fan either because neither the Cowboys or his home team the Cleveland Browns are good by any measure. I wonder how many times LeBron gets the feeling of wanting to put on some pads and hop in the wide receiver or quarterback slot when things are going south in Dallas.

Chicago Bears

The current POTUS Barack Obama is loyal to his home team, the Chicago Bears. Multiple times Obama has publicly shown support for the Bears, but I’m sure the mounting US National Debt is more concerning than the Bears’ lackluster season records. Finally, after an eight-year run in the White House, Barack can spend some quality time watching some Sunday football. Hopefully the Bears can pick things up and not get blown out in front of an ex-president on a weekly basis.

Buffalo Bills

New York’s other other team is favored by Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The billionaire had the chance to purchase the Bills when they were on the market, but chose not to. Rumor has it that the Bills’ previous decades of poor performances have contributed to the chip on Trump’s shoulder.

New England Patriots

Mark Wahlberg might not be as powerful as the people on the rest of this list, but as far as the city of Boston is concerned, Marky Mark is a god. The Boston native is friends with Tom Brady and has been a fan of the Patriots for a long time. Brady’s local crew, which includes Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is what every young Boston fan aspires to be a part of when they grow up from a size S Patriots Jersey to a size L Patriots jersey.

Baltimore Ravens

The relationship between the Ravens and Michael Phelps has been mutual. The Ravens even stopped the game during the 2016 Summer Olympics to watch Phelps swim and rack up another gold medal. The most decorated Olympian to ever live has 28 medals. The Ravens have won two Superbowls (2000, 2012) and is a team that loves to win. Now that Phelps is retired from the swimming game, it might be time to use that Pterodactyl wingspan to play as an honorary wide receiver.

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