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Every week, we’ll look at the matchups of the week, and give our predictions for each of the games. If you’re a betting man…I’d take the opposite of these picks.

Houston Texans (2-0) @ New England Patriots (2-0)

Houston’s defense has looked great in two weeks, and they’ll look to put the clamps on New England this week. The Pats are coming off a win with their third stringer last week, but things won’t be that easy this time around. It was inevitable they’d lose a game without Brady, right?

Prediction: Texans 27-14

Arizona Cardinals (1-1) @ Buffalo Bills (0-2)

I don’t think things could get much worse for the Bills than to have the start they’ve had and follow it up with a visit from Arizona. After the beat down they gave Tampa Bay, there’s not many other teams I’d rather play right now. Are we looking at an 0-3 start for Rex?

Prediction: Cardinals 28-17

Oakland Raiders (1-1) @ Tennessee Titans (1-1)

The battle of young quarterbacks sees Derek Carr lead the NFL’s best offense and worst defense into Tennessee. The Titans are trying to find some consistency, and should get all the time they need against Oakland’s D. Still, is it conceivable the Titans can score with Carr and Cooper?

Prediction: Raiders 31-21

Cleveland Browns (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (0-2)

Well, the Dolphins will get their second straight week of playing a third-string QB. This time, it’s the Browns and their myriad of injured quarterbacks. They better hope this time around goes differently, as dropping a home game to the worst team in football is grounds for some regime change.

Prediction: Dolphins 27-20

Baltimore Ravens (2-0) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

The Ravens have turned the tides from last season, opening up undefeated with a very improved defense. The injuries also have left them alone, and they look to be a contender for the division. Jacksonville, on the other hand, has been flat and disappointing. But they’ll get this at home, and I don’t see them starting 0-3.

Prediction: Jaguars 24-17

Detriot Lions (1-1) @ Green Bay Packers (1-1)

I’ll go ahead and say that the Lions are way better than I expected them to be. They’ve been much improved on D, and the offense is playing pretty consistently. But that loss last week hurts. And there’s no way I’m betting against Green Bay at home after a loss.

Prediction: Packers 27-21

Denver Broncos (2-0) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

The stout Broncos defense takes its show on the road to take on the Bengals. The Broncos have been relentless harassing quarterbacks so far this season, and they’ll try their luck against Andy Dalton, who’s played well in his first two weeks. Unfortunately, the Bengals don’t have a solid running game, and Denver should get to tee off on Dalton the majority of the game. I don’t like a stand up passer against this Denver attack.

Prediction: Broncos 27-24

Minnesota Vikings (2-0) @ Carolina Panthers (1-1)

The Panthers got back in the groove of things at home, hammering San Francisco. Cam and Benjamin are a deadly combo and look to be clicking at 100%. This is good news against a solid Vikings defense, that’s played well against good offenses so far. The loss of AP hurts, and eventually all of these roster attritions are going to bite the Vikings.

Prediction: Panthers 28-17

Washington Redskins (0-2) @ New York Giants (2-0)

In terms of playoffs, this game could be the biggest of the day. The Redskins are already fighting for their lives, looking to avoid an 0-3 start for a roster that was supposed to carry the banner of the NFC East. They’re traveling to New York to tangle with New York, who’s roared out of the gate and looks strong. The Giants can drive a stake in the heart of Washington. And nothing I’ve seen out of the Redskins gives me any reason to believe they can turn the tide.

Prediction: Giants 28-27

Los Angeles Rams (1-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1)

Here are two teams that there’s no way of predicting. Los Angeles looked like garbage against San Francisco, but rebounded to stuff the Seahawks and steal a win. On the opposite track, the Bucs upset Atlanta, and then promptly got decimated by the Cardinals. However, I think the Bucs offense is a lot better than Seattle’s and I’m not sure the Rams can score on anybody.

Prediction: Bucs 21-13

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

It’ll be the first shot that Chip Kelley has at knocking off the top of the division, and with the high flying offense he has, maybe he has a shot. But this defense is smothering, and can really just make you pay. Is the 49ers defense what we saw against LA? I’m not so sure after the Panthers carved them up. I’m not seeing a way the Seahawks drop a home game to this team.

Prediction: Seahawks 20-10

New York Jets (1-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)

The Chiefs had a rough go in Houston, with the offense struggling to produce against that defense. They won’t get that against New York, who surrenders yards but scores some points. It should be a fun game in Arrowhead, but you have to give it to the home team in a tossup like this.

Prediction: Chiefs 24-21

San Diego Chargers (1-1) @ Indianapolis Colts (0-2)

The Chargers appeared on the upswing, putting the defeat behind them against KC and demolishing the Jaguars. But then they lost Danny Woodhead, and that is going to sting. The Colts also let one slip away in week one, but got shredded by Denver this week. If anyone needs a momentum win, it’s the Colts, who are already fighting for their life in the division.

Prediction: Colts 31-21

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Philly is big time into Wentzmania after the QB led the Eagles to another win, dropping the Bears on Monday night. Even better, the defense looks improved and has actually been a steady blitzing team. They’ll need it against the NFL’s most explosive offense, as the Steelers are rolling. But… call me crazy, give me the upset here. And Wentzmania continues.

Prediction: Eagles 27-24

Chicago Bears (0-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

It’s full on panic time in Chicago. The Bears have dropped two less than stellar games, and Jay Cutler is dealing with injuries. The Bears have been ravaged, and they already don’t look good. The Cowboys, on the other hand, have been competitive. And now with the momentum of a Dak win are looking to add some more cushion for Romo’s return.

Prediction: Cowboys 27-20

Atlanta Falcons (1-1) @ New Orleans Saints (0-2)

The Falcons have shown some life finally, upsetting Oakland after entering a panic following the loss to Tampa Bay. The Saints roll in after being shut down by New York, and outscored by the Raiders. But, for some reason the Saints just play well against the Falcons, and maybe a home game against them may be just what the doctor ordered. It would also fit the MO of the unpredictable Falcons. Upset.

Prediction: Saints 31-27

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