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1. New England Patriots (13-2) –

The Patriots kept rolling and remained atop the power rankings for yet another week. They dispatched the Jets, and now will be sitting atop the AFC for the postseason. They don’t have much left to play for, other than the top overall record.

2. Dallas Cowboys (13-2) –

The Cowboys are firmly sitting with the top record in the NFC, are fresh off a beating of a potential playoff foe, and are seeing more production out of their offense each and every week. It’s a solid position to be in, and it looks like they’ll be playing their starters this upcoming week.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) +1

Yeah, the Chiefs moved up, and honestly they look like the most equipped team to knock off the Patriots. Alex Smith is looking more efficient, and that defense is really starting to come on in the last few weeks.

4. Oakland Raiders (12-3) -1

The Raiders got the win and kept their division lead, but let’s not kid ourselves: the season is looking pretty grim. The loss of Derek Carr throws everything that’s good about this offense out of window. They better hope the backup has a chance.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5) +2

Well, the Steelers got the division again, just by the outstretched hands of Antonio Brown. Now, with it locked up, the Steelers are sitting pretty locked in to where they are. And it looks like they’ll be playing for a chance to go to Foxboro.

6. Atlanta Falcons (10-5) +2

Matty Ice and the Falcons will officially represent the NFC South in the postseason, and will get a home playoff game. Which is great, because they are pretty close to unstoppable at home. The offense is coming into form, and they’ll need it.

7. New York Giants (10-5) -3

The Giants were never going to realistically catch the Cowboys, but that loss to Philly will sting. They’ll still be playoff bound, but that loss deflates a lot of momentum the Giants were rolling with heading into the week.

8. Seattle Seahawks (9-5-1) -2

Speaking of deflating, the Seahawks took a hard loss from the Cardinals, in an otherwise meaningless game for the division. But it was far from meaningless for the postseason: the loss gave the Falcons the second seed in the NFC, and that is ground the Seahawks need.

9. Green Bay Packers (9-6) +2

Well, that didn’t take long. The Packers are back in the running for the division, and will play an all-or-nothing game Sunday against the Lions. Aaron Rodgers has been the best QB in the NFL during the Packers winning streak.

10. Miami Dolphins (10-5) –

The Dolphins got yet another win, locking up a trip to the postseason for the first time since the days of the wildcat offense. Rumors are that Ryan Tannehill may make it back for a first round playoff game, and the Dolphins could use him on offense.

11. Houston Texans (9-6) +2

If there was a definition of failing upward it’s the Texans, who somehow are going to win the AFC South again. Tom Savage is the man, though, and maybe a home playoff win is in the future for the upstart new starter.

12. Detroit Lions (9-6) -3

Once promising, the Lions are now hanging on to their postseason dreams by a thread. They now have a date with the Packers for the division. Matt Stafford has to rebound now, and that defense needs to figure it out.

13. Washington Redskins (8-6-1) +5

Despite trying their hardest the last few weeks to give it away, the Redskins kept their slim playoff hopes alive last week with a win. Kirk Cousins and company now turn to a home date with the Giants will help decide their fate.

14. Baltimore Ravens (8-7) -2

Well, it was a rough week for the Ravens. They got knocked out of postseason contention by the hated Steelers on a stunning play from Antonio Brown, and then learned that Steve Smith will retire. Season’s over for Flacco and company.

15. Tennessee Titans (8-7) -1

Speaking of season over, the nice story of the Titans is done. Marcus Mariota’s injury puts a bad damper on an otherwise promising season, and seeing that certainly put some fear in some fans. This last game is more about moral.

16. Denver Broncos (8-7) -1

This is a really depressing stretch of teams, isn’t it? The defending champion Broncos were eliminated this week, and now will enter the final game where absolutely no one saw them a few weeks ago: looking in at the postseason.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-7) -1

That loss to the Saints was about as deflating as you can get, and put a serious dent in the hopes of the Bucs for the postseason. There’s still a slight chance, but for all intensive purposes, the promising Bucs season is over.

18. New Orleans Saints (7-8) +4

It hasn’t mattered, but for the Saints defense to be as bad as it’s been this season, that win over the Bucs just feels good. They get another chance to play spoiler against Atlanta, and Drew Brees and company would love nothing more.

19. Indianapolis Colts (7-8) -2

Another season falling short of the postseason will again put a black spot on the legacy of Chuck Pagano. It seems like ownership will give him another shot, but just how much more losing are Andrew Luck and company going to take?

20. Arizona Cardinals (6-8-1) +4

It meant absolutely nothing, but that win in Seattle reminded us of what this Cardinals team could have been. If anything, they were able to spoil the good times of their archrival, and now can look toward how to fix this roster going forward.

21. Minnesota Vikings (7-8) -1

The Vikings are just about as bad as can be in comparison to the team we saw in the first five weeks. The offense rescinded bad since then, and it looks like there’s a lot of turmoil in this team’s future with AP and the roster.

22. Buffalo Bills (7-8) -3

The Bills made things official and finally canned Rex Ryan. Now they find themselves where they were before, and seem to be moving on from Tyrod Taylor. While I see the idea, it’s a bad one.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (6-9) +3

From a confidence standpoint, the Eagles getting that win over the Giants started the turnaround back to the team we saw before. Now Carson Wentz will get his biggest test: Dallas and that terrorizing front seven.

24. Carolina Panthers (6-9) -3

This nightmare season can’t end soon enough for the Panthers, who’ve had just about everything go wrong that could for this season. Luke Kuechly is out for the finale, and there’s whispers that Cam may be too. Shut them all down, and wrap it up.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (5-9-1) -2

Speaking of everything going wrong, the Bengals slide continued this week. Mercifully, there’s just a week to go before the conversation turns toward the job security of Marvin Lewis for yet another year of underperforming.

26. San Diego Chargers (5-10) -1

The Chargers have looked great on offense, despite all the injuries, but have needed some help on the defensive side. That’ll be the main focus in the offseason, and hopefully having Joey Bosa for the full summer will aid that.

27. New York Jets (4-11) –

It wasn’t an easy task to go up against the Patriots like that, but the Jets just don’t really look like they have much to build on. And it looks like Todd Bowles will be around again, but who knows about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-12) +2

For the first time in a long time, the Jaguars showed a pulse. Too little, too late, but for those that were critics of the Gus Bradley administration, it was a validation. Blake Bortles showed the promise we expected, and that defense behind Jalen Ramsey looked solid.

29. Chicago Bears (3-12) -1

The Bears got a pretty emphatic answer on the Matt Barkley question by finding out that he’s not quite the savior that the Bears were hoping for. Now it looks like the draft will be their answer, with Jay Cutler moving on likely after this season.

30. Los Angeles Rams (4-11) -1

Do I think Jared Goff will turn out to be a fine quarterback? Yes. Do I think that the Rams are a total mess from top to bottom? Yes. Both of these are true, and the Rams have a lot of work to do.

31. San Francisco 49ers (2-13) –

There’s so many questions left for the 49ers, but for now, they can feel good about this win. The 49ers would mess up the only win Cleveland has gotten though, getting the win and losing the shot at the top draft spot.

32. Cleveland Browns (1-14) –

Does it mean anything? No. Is it nice to have? You bet. The Browns avoided being just the second team to go 0-16, and sometimes a draft spot just isn’t all that meaningful.

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