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NFL's 5 most controversial players of 2015

The National Football League and scandal go together like two peas in a pod. After all, give young guys millions of dollars and access to a party world the likes of us plebes can hardly imagine and you’re bound to run into problems.

And then you’ve got jackasses like Ray Rice playing ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson in the elevator with his girlfriend and Aaron Hernandez bloody murdering people!

Of course, not all controversial players are in fact bona fide criminals. Some player antics are just that, antics. Which reminds me…whatever became of Chad Johnson, err, I mean Chad Ochocinco?

Here is he, still doing his thang:


A photo posted by Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) on

On that note let’s stash aside nostalgia and look at the top five most controversial players of today.

Ndamukong Suh

The dirtiest defensive player in the game is also the League’s most dominant, save perhaps for JJ Watt.

And his nasty reputation extends well beyond “stepping on the toes” of the top player from the other side of the ball.

All eyes will be on Suh in South Florida this year after the Lions chose to pass on the massive salary cap hit and let Ndamukong take his show on the road to Miami.

This is a guy that virtually nobody who’s not a teammate of his likes; fortunately for him the NFL is not a popularity contest.

Adrian Peterson

It’s hard to imagine just some regular Joe in Texas getting off the hook with just a slap on the wrist like ‘All Day’ did over his child abuse indictment.

I’m not here to play judge and jury, though. I’m just saying that Peterson’s excessive use of force with his 4-year-old son ought not to sit well with fans…and it doesn’t. In some way, shape or form, one of the most prominent athletes on the planet Earth hit a little kid with a stick. This he totally admits to be true.

But of course, the greatest running back in the game is going to wriggle out of trouble with a plea deal and it won’t take long for most fans to forgive and forget. Just ask Michael Vick.

Greg Hardy

The curious case of Greg Hardy.

At the moment his legal team is working on getting a reduction on the 10-game suspension he received over incidents of domestic violence.

The thing is, he’s not claiming innocence at this point but simply arguing that his crime took place before the League tightened up on the rules.

Realistically he’s right and speaking from a pure point of view of logic and reason that his punishment should coincide with the guidelines in place at the time of the incident. That doesn’t mean, however, that Hardy ought not to be disliked for assaulting and threatening women.

He sure can rush the passer, though!

Whether the full 10-game ban holds up or not could be a major game-changer for the Cowboys, who just lost Rolando McClain for four games after he broke the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy.

Tom Brady

I’ll keep this short and sweet because you all know the story already of ‘Deflategate’, Tom’s suspension and his pending appeal.

Brady’s on this list not just for the scandal but because he’s the NFL’s ‘Golden Boy’, and the guy everyone outside of Bean Town loves to hate.

Why do we hate him?

1.    He’s so goddamn good.

2.    He’s married to a smoking-hot supermodel.

3.    We’re kicking it with our mate Wally while he’s hanging with Snoop Dogg.

Oh, and he just might add another Super Bowl ring to his already impressive collection.

Richard Sherman

As a lifelong, diehard Seahawks fan, I love Richard Sherman. This fact is well documented.

But I totally get why his jabber-mouth gets him into trouble. Bullshit racist thug remarks aside, dude really does talk too much.

Best in the game? Not best in the game? Just go out there and do what you do, man.

Sure, fans and the media stir the pot by gobbling up all the controversy like chocolate fudge at Christmastime, but sometimes I wish #25 would save some of his trash-talk for the field.

From everything you read about the Stanford graduate’s non-football life, he’s a super nice guy and an active participant in the community – but all most people see is his cocky side. And let’s face it, there’s more to the shit-storm surrounding Richard Sherman than ‘The Rant’. There are plenty of other times he’s stepped beyond the bounds of good taste when mixing words with the media.

Here’s a list of some of Sherman’s top “I can’t believe he said that” quotes:

1.    “Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up!” — to Darrelle Revis.

2.    “What challenge?” — when asked about the challenge of covering Roddy White.

3.    “Anytime you run a gimmick offense, you’re a little bit afraid.” — on the Patriots.

4.    “You suck. You so weak. You’re a waste of my time.” — to Joe Webb.

And of course where it all got started.You mad, bro?


Bonus: Tim Tebow

We just can’t get rid of this guy.

Chip Kelly claims he’s not just a camp arm and might actually see the field this year. Yawn. We’ll see.

At least the emergence of Tebowmania has given Skip Bayless a chance to take a crack at Tim’s virginity.


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