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Sunday’s matchup between Washington and Cleveland was certainly an exciting game, with the Redskins eventually outlasting the Browns 31-20. However, the game is predominantly being talked about because of a play that tilted the game in a different direction.

In a video that began circulating the internet after the thriller ended on Sunday, the Browns were driving down four in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. Duke Johnson ran left side, was met by the defence and fumbled the ball.

What followed next was a dogpile that ended with the Redskins taking possession.

Only one problem: Johnson still had the ball.

The NFL has come out in solid defense of their referee – to a bizarre degree. They’ve also been removing the Vine video of the incident. It’s odd that the NFL wouldn’t simply admit the mistake and try to move on, which makes the situation weird.

Either way, the Browns aren’t using it as an excuse. They are looking ahead to next week: a home date with Tom Brady.

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