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NFC South battle turns into a fight

In 2014 the NFC South has been by far and away the worst division in the NFL. Barring a miracle the division champ will take the title with a losing record to become just the 2nd team in the history of the league to qualify for the post-season under .500.

But – since they’re all playing so ridiculously bad, this means that the division is still up for grabs, even for the lowly 4-win Panthers.

That’s why we weren’t surprised to see so much bad blood raise its ugly head last weekend at the Superdome.

After scoring on a 2 yard touchdown run, Cam Newton busted out his Superman celebration to taunt Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton.

Lofton didn’t appreciate the gesture.

He was so unappreciative that he went ahead and gave Newton a shove.


[via SBNation]

And then – all hell broke loose and Panthers TE Brandon Williams wound up being ejected for his role in the melee.

Newton’s score put Carolina up 17 to zilch and from there it only got uglier. The Panthers went on to embarrass the Saints 41-10 and hand them their third straight loss at home.

Remember when peeps were talking about the Saints as a Super Bowl dark horse? Umm, yeah…not so much.

[Bleacher Report]

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