Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 08:37 AM


Cam Newton and the Panthers struggled mightily against the Patriots in the most extended action the starters have seen thus far. Newton and the offense were rendered useless by the Patriots’ pass rush, as Cam struggled to find receivers and move the offense down the field.

The output was tough to watch, with the receivers battling against the tough Patriots secondary, and the drops really started adding up. After the game, the star QB was quick to downplay the rough night.

“It’s just the preseason,” Newton said. He went on to add that the Panthers will figure things out, and that a few extended snaps shouldn’t correlate to the success of the Panthers this season.

Cam is more than likely right, as the Panthers were lights-out on defense, and we’re still talking about the former MVP. But it’s interesting to see more controversy surrounding Newton’s handling of criticism.

We’re sure he’s ready to shut some critics up next week when the season proper gets underway.

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