Thursday 22 February 2018 / 11:58 AM

Maualuga flagged for taunting Johnny Football

The No Fun League is taking even greater strides these days to protect quarterbacks – but to protect quarterbacks’ feelings?


Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was flagged with a 15-yard taunting penalty after flashing Manziel’s famous “money sign” after sacking the rookie QB in the 2nd quarter of Sunday’s contest.

Apparently he was penalised for flashing the sign in the direction of our Golden Boy and not off to the side.

Seriously, this stuff is getting out of control. These are grown men and not Pee-Wee youngsters.

What’s next? Every team gets a mini Lombardi “participation” trophy even if they don’t make the playoffs?

Johnny Football’s “Welcome to the NFL” game is one that he’d rather soon forget. Cincy pummelled Cleveland 30-0, essentially ending the Browns’ hopes of playing in the post-season.

Manziel went 10 for 18 for 80 yards and two interceptions.

One thing is for certain. There won’t be nearly as much hoopla next week when Manziel tries for start #2 at Carolina.


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