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Manning Face pulling double duty

The Manning Brothers partook in a little sibling rivalry on Sunday, one that ended with pigskins flying all over the place (literally).

“Look Ma! I can throw more interceptions than my big brother.”

Yes, Eli – yes, you can.

But Peyton put up a good fight. His two INTs were more than enough of a dagger in his offense to allow the Broncos to fall 22-7 to the St. Louis Rams and certainly sufficient for some #ManningFace of his own:

Oh, just wait.

It gets better:

And even better:

Seriously…I just can’t get enough. I need to cut myself off before my editor has a conniption fit.

So yeah, both of the Manning boys lost on Sunday, in very different fashions.

The New York Giants, fresh off a licking in Seattle, somehow had a chance to upset the 49ers despite Eli’s tendency to throw the ball to players in White/Gold jerseys all day. Alas, the game ended 16-10 in favor of San Francisco when #10 tossed one last pick on 4thand goal from the 2 with under five minutes left to play.

But really, this is no big deal for a Giants team that’s dropped five straight games. (Expect more Manning Face before the end of the 2014 campaign.)

Denver, on the other hand, just couldn’t get going against a stifling Rams defense while their own D gave up 113 yards on the ground to rookie Tre Mason, the most rushing yards allowed by the Broncos this season.

The (4-6) Rams have now beaten both the defending NFC Champion Seahawks and the defending AFC Champion Broncos (plus they won @ San Francisco to boot).

And speaking of those Seahawks, they lost 24-20 in a sub-zero match-up at Arrowhead after allowing Jamaal Charles to rush for a whopping 159 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Chiefs have now won five straight games and are tied for first place in the AFC West with the Broncos.

In two weeks Denver will travel to Kansas City for what promises to be one of the juiciest games all year.

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