Sunday 21 January 2018 / 12:09 AM

Maclin snags AMAZING one-handed gem

With McCoy and Sproles totalling an abysmal 21 yards rushing all game against the 49ers defence, the Eagles were forced to head to the air to get the ball moving on Sunday in San Francisco.

Down 21-26 and driving for the go ahead touchdown with just minutes remaining in the game, WR Jeremy Maclin came up with this incredible sideline catch.

Jim Harbaugh challenged the reception but the ruling on the field was confirmed, moving the chains and keeping Philly’s comeback hopes alive.

Chip Kelly’s squad eventually turned the ball over on downs, though, to suffer their first defeat of the season. The Eagles’ offence didn’t score a single point all game, with all three Philadelphia touchdowns coming on defence or special teams. (Blocked punt recovered in end zone, INT return, punt return.)

It’s not very often that a team gets 21 points from the defence and special teams units and loses, but that’s what happens when your star running back leads the ground attack with 17 yards.

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