Monday 19 March 2018 / 11:45 AM


Chip Kelly made some waves today, telling reporters for KNWB in San Francisco that after deliberation, the coaching staff has decided to swap out Blaine Gabbert in favor of the side’s controversial star, Colin Kaeperncik, in the 49ers’ line-up.

It’s been a rough few games for the 49ers, who have been rocked by everyone they’ve played since their opening week stunner against the Rams. The defense has been bad, and the offense is non-existent. So the choice to change quarterbacks wasn’t that much of a shock.

The recall of embattled quarterback Kaepernick, though, will surely create a media firestorm. Kaep has made waves this season for his anthem protests. And the play of Kaepernick will be more heavily scrutinized than usual, although it’s largely unimportant for a team that’s season is more or less done.

But it is a chance at redemption for a quarterback who is working on a nearly $100 million deal. Kaepernick was one of the more electric QBs in the league before coaching uncertainty jettisoned his future to a point that he hasn’t been able to recover from. But Kaepernick has his chance now – and the whole country will be watching.

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