Sunday 18 March 2018 / 07:17 AM

Johnny Football flips the bird at Redskins

The NFL is notorious for attempting to maintain a “clean” image while selling a sport that’s essentially an organised brawl surrounding an oblong ball.

So when Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Brown decided to flash the international symbol for “Hey! F-U!” to the Washington Redskins bench on Monday Night Football it was bound to garner quite a bit of media attention.

It’s a pretty stupid move on Manziel’s part considering the intensity of the spotlight already shining down on his orange helmet, but at this point he’s got no choice but to chalk it up as a rookie mistake.

Without further ado, here’s Johnny’s now infamous extended middle finger:

Surely #2 is aware that the NFL owns more than one camera, but he looks awfully surprised here when the team’s PR rep informs the rookie QB that his antics were caught on tape and surely soaring through the Twittersphere.

Head Coach Mike Pettine had this to say after the game, “It does not sit well. It’s disappointing. … What we talk about is being poised.”

In all likelihood it won’t just be coach having a word with Manziel concerning the incident, either. Keep that mobile on, son, you’re expecting a ring from Roger Goodell.

[Bleacher Report]


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