Sunday 25 March 2018 / 03:06 AM


Buffalo and New York dueled on Thursday Night Football last night, and we got to see some offensive fireworks from both teams as the Jets got up 37-31. Tyrod Taylor looked solid most of the night, finding Marquise Goodwin on a deep, 84-yard touchdown to open up the game.

It was a rough night for Darrelle Revis, the legendary Jets corner who’s coverage skills are so legendary that he’s been dubbed ‘Revis Island’. But it’s been more like a vacation stay in the first two weeks of the season.

Both defenses struggled badly, but the Bills’ offense also underperformed. Despite the score, Buffalo’s offense looked lost most of the night, and scored twice on busted coverage, and once on defense. The loss stung badly for the Bills, who now face a murderers’ row going forward, and may be facing an 0-5 start.

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