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It’s been the week of giving in the NFL this week, with a flurry of hires for some of the teams that dismissed coaches at the end of the season. All told, the NFL saw five new hirings this week, with just one team – the San Francisco 49ers – still looking for a new person to run the show. Let’s take a look at who’s going where.

Buffalo Bills – Sean McDermott

McDermott has been spectacular in his time in Carolina, and the defensive guru will move his talents to the Bills. It’s the second straight time the Bills have opted to go defensive on the head coaching trek, and we’ll see how it works out. McDermott is much more blitz-smart than the deposed Rex Ryan, and that should be a treat for a defensive line that got gassed toward the end of the season. Still, the offense needs work, and with the OC out in Buffalo, that hire may mean more to the success of the team than who’s running the team at the top.

Denver Broncos – Vance Joseph

Joseph is a relative unknown, but he wasn’t brought in over lack of winning from the previous regime: the Broncos’ previous head coach dropped his role due to health reasons. So it makes sense to stay the course, and Joseph represents that. Still, the 44-year-old coach has no head-coaching experience, and that inexperience may rear its ugly head. In fact, he’s only been a DC one year before, and that may have led to Wade Philips’ departure.

But the defense is too talented to fall off – it’s the offense that needs work. They’ll need a good offensive mind, as we just know way too little about Joseph to trust that he can fix an offense that cost them a season.

Los Angeles Rams – Sean McVay

This one is…a risk. McVay is the youngest head coach in NFL history, and will have players on his roster that are older than him. The 31-year-old should be met with quite the challenge, but maybe some young blood won’t be the worst thing in the world.

But the real story about the new staff is who they got to be the kids’ DC: Wade Philips. Having that guy on the sidelines certainly takes the pressure off of what McVay wants to do, and he can focus on that really, really bad offense.

Los Angeles Chargers – Anthony Lynn

Yeah, put this one up there with the confusing. After the busy day the Chargers had on social media and, well, pissing everyone off, they added the most ‘meh’ hire of the head coaching search. The team that now has no fans hiring the guy nobody wanted on the market makes so much sense.

Still, from an actual logistical standpoint this doesn’t make much sense. Lynn’s offensive scheme doesn’t match the offense at all, and the Chargers’ brass said before they started searching for coaches that they’d keep their offensive coaching staff intact…and then promptly hired a guy that literally has the opposite style. Yikes.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Doug Marrone (and Tom Coughlin)

This one may be the most good/bad hire of the group. Yes, Doug Marrone has been one big, colossal screw-up as a head coach, but bringing on Coughlin to handle the roster was the best move the Jaguars have made in years. While I’m not sure that I trust Marrone to coach this team the right way, having Coughlin around makes me a little more optimistic.

Plus, Marrone and Coughlin understand the strength of this team is youth, and there may not be a better pair hired that fit the team and the scheme they need any more than these two. You have to be optimistic about this hire for the Jaguars.

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