Wednesday 21 March 2018 / 02:57 AM


The Jets made quick work of their quarterback controversy, going back to their ex-QB Geno Smith to try and break out of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s form funk.

Fitz has been downright bad in the second half of games this season, throwing for 11 INTs and 0 TDs. It’s been tough to watch after the Jets shelled out over $11 million a year for three years to retain his services.

The Jets were looking to compete with New England for the division, but now find themselves fighting for just a chance at the playoffs. It’s a tough fall for a franchise that hasn’t been the playoffs since the Mark Sanchez era.

For Smith, it’s yet another chance to shine after having so many others go the wrong way in his time in NY. This has to feel like his last shot to show he’s a true NFL QB.

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