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Heading into week two’s showdown of the AFC North, the Cleveland Browns were widely considered the worst team in the league, and faced the loss of their starting quarterback on top of it. The Baltimore Ravens, on the other hand, had rebounded and had some momentum, with a stack of starters returning from injury.

And then the first quarter happened, which saw Cleveland erupt to a 20-0 lead before Baltimore could find the scoreboard. The advantage included two touchdowns from rookie receiver Corey Coleman, and a monster 80-yard touchdown run from Isaiah Crowell. The NFL world was shocked, and attention turned to how maybe the Browns had some fight.

And then the Browns went back to being the Browns. Baltimore would mount a massive comeback, limiting the Browns’ offense after an injury to starting QB Josh McCown and imposing their will on offense.

However, this weird game got weirder as the Browns moved down the field with the game closing in on the dying minutes. But an incredibly controversial taunting penalty would seal the fate of the Browns, and lead to an interception on the next play as the Ravens prevailed 25-20.

Maybe next week, Cleveland.

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