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Airing it Out: Week 7 – Patriots are rollin'

All eyes were on Peyton Manning this week as he embarked on his quest for touchdown pass No.509.

He got it…and added on #510 for good measure.

Move over Brett Favre.

Plenty of other big stories to touch on this week, too.

Luke Keuchley was ejected from the Panthers-Packers game for touching a ref. Michael Sam was cut from the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. DeMarco Murray broke Jim Brown’s record by rushing for 100-plus yards in the first seven games of the season.

And let’s not forget that Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets for a mid-round pick and a bag of McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Team on the rise

Forget the fact that New England barely beat the 1-6 New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. Forget that Nick Folk “might” have nailed the game-winning 58-yard field goal had it not been blocked. And most definitely forget all the feces we were flinging at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick just a few weeks back.

Tom Brady is on fire and the Pats have won three straight. They are back on top of the AFC East with a record of 5-2.

Patriots haters might just have to hold out for one more year.

Team on the decline

I promised last week that we’d talk about Atlanta here should they fail to beat Baltimore. The Falcons were blown out by the Ravens 29-7 and have now lost 4 straight.

But promises are made to be broken.

Seattle lost their second straight on Sunday, falling 28-26 to a Rams team that was previously 1-4.

How did the Rams do it? With ridiculous play on special teams.

First there was a fake punt return that went for a 90-yard touchdown:

How the @%!# do you pull off a fake punt return?

And then there was just a regular old fake punt:

This second trick play, of course, was the one that wound up winning the game. And while it’s certainly easier to send in such a ballsy play when you’re team’s 1-4 and playing against the world champs, Jeff Fisher received a whole heap of respect from Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll: “If they don’t catch that ball, it’s ours and we kick the field goal and it’s over. A very gutsy play.”


Seattle rolled statistically for most of the game, outgaining the Rams 463 to 272, but of course the only stat that matters is the final score.

So how far will the Seahawks tumble?

Many picked the club to be the first back-to-back champion in a decade, but at 3-3 it’s no joke that there’s a real possibility they won’t even qualify for the postseason. Especially when four of their remaining 10 games are versus the division-leading Cardinals and second-placed 49ers.

It’s too early to predict how Seattle’s pendulum of momentum might swing but if we look at history, the last time the team was .500 was 2012. The club was 4-4 at the midpoint of the season and they went on to win seven of their next eight and roared into the playoffs.

But that was a different team – one that still had Chris Clemons harassing their opponent’s quarterback from the end.

Seattle’s slump is for real.

Commentary Box Sports Top 10 Power Rankings

Rank 1 – Broncos     —

Denver 42 – 17 San Francisco. The Broncos are once again steamrolling opponents as the best team in football. Will they get it done, however, this time around when it matters most in Phoenix on February 1?

Rank 2 – Cowboys     Up 1

The Cowboys have the best record in the NFC and DeMarco Murray is legitimately on track to beat Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.

Rank 3 – Cardinals     Up 1

Carson Palmer threw 2 touchdowns and 1 interception in his return to Oakland. Their 24-13 victory over a Raiders club that’s now lost 12 straight might not be super convincing, but a win on the road is a win on the road.

Rank 4 – Colts     Up 3

Indy has won five straight and they blanked the Cincinnati Bengals 27 to nuthin’.

Rank 5 – Eagles     —

Philadelphia spent week 7 on BYE, which might have just been enough rest for RB Darren Sproles to get healthy.

Rank 6 – Chargers     Down 4

Philip Rivers was off on Sunday, so it’s no surprise that the Bolts lost at home 23-20 to an inferior Chiefs team.

Rank 7 – Packers     Up 2

Remember when Aaron Rodgers told Packer fans to relax?

I hear that folk are so relaxed in Green Bay these days that they don’t even mind living in Wisconsin.

Oh, and the Packers mopped the floor with the Panthers this week, 38-17.

Rank 8 – Ravens     New to List

Baltimore is in sole possession of first place in the AFC North and they’re quietly the league’s sixth-highest scoring offense. They’re also seventh in total yards and have now blown out their opponent two weeks in a row.

He might be a late bloomer, but Justin Forsett has got Ravens fans forgetting all about Ray Rice.

Rank 9 – Patriots     New to List

With each passing week an AFC Championship rematch seems more and more possible.

Rank 10 – Seahawks     Down 4

The Hawks are holding on by a thread in Power Rankings across the internet, but here’s a message for Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson: “One more loss and the gig is up.”

Fell out of the top 10: 49ers & Bengals

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